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Missouri General Raider 1600 watt wind turbine knock off by thermodyne systems qaz661 Ebay scam

For the REAL Missouri General and Raider 1600 watt wind turbine manufactured by Missouri Wind and Solar heres Missouri Wind And Solar website www.mwands.com You can also find us on Ebay at http Our facebook page www.facebook.com Read this article by Paul Gipe first on Ron Graefe aka Bob Green ,Thermodyne www.wind-works.org If you have purchased one of the so called used Missouri General or Raider 1600 watt wind turbines from the seller qaz661 Thermodyne systems on Ebay contact me. jeff@mwands.com or raptor417 on Ebay . Ron Graefe the owner of Thermodyne systems and Hydrogen Appliances is no less than a thief. Hes a California company thats as low as dirt as far as i am concerned. Using my name Missouri Wind and Solar to sell cheap, junk copies of our wind turbines is something that Ron Graefe has no problem doing. His business is on the brink of failure and he needs desperately to use a good companies name to survive. This scam of thermodyne will end. How can he steal from customers and get away with it ? He goes by teomeimf on YouTube.

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Building a Small Wind Turbine part 1

An old 6 volt sealed led acid battery being charged by a 5 volt stepper motor. it generates 6 volts high current, 9 volts medium current or 12 volts low current, depending on the wind speeds. bridge rectifiers will convert the AC to DC. Capacitors will smooth the flow.

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Solar lighting in India with d.light design

This video shows the long-term benefits that sustainable lighting brings to school children and others. As energy consumption soars in Indias large commercial and industrial centres, 45% of the population living in rural areas still do not have access to any energy other than that produced by burning wood, cow dung and kerosene. These regularly cause fires and smoke-related health problems. As part of our In Their Lifetimes appeal, Christian Aids partnership with d.Light design is now bringing safer, more sustainable lighting solutions to thousands of the poorest and most marginalised households in Jharkhand state. Thank you for supporting the In Their Lifetime Appeal and making this work possibe. For more information about Christian Aids work in Asia, visit www.christianaid.org.uk

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Alternative Energy Technologies solar publication

Alternative Energy Technologies 361-425-7380

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Solar panels installation at production site Europal Packaging

The project was led by Enelia ( www.enelia.be ), and the panels were installed by the company Sunswitch ( http ) Europal Packaging chooses green energy. Europal Packaging has installed 6000 m2 of solar panels at its plant in Mouscron. This equates to 1020 solar panels, representing a capacity of 250 kWp (kilowatt peak). Bernard Detandt, Safety & Environment Manager at Europal Packaging, explains why the company chose to install solar panels. "The choice of this project is part of the ecological strategy of Europal Packaging. We want to implement a sustainable and environmentally friendly policy at the company, not only through our product range, but also by efficient and economical use of energy. Through the solar panels we convert sunlight into usable energy, and therefore minimize our environmental footprint."

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Hydrogen News ~ A WATERGOD ! Craig Westbrook interviewed by Billy Sexton 281-704-2046

www.gofundme.com To support Hydrogen News Clink the above link and donate ! We need Help ! Goodies for Good People Help Support Hydrogen News Donate ! Clean greeen Hydrogen from water technology Open Source to Public ! Category:

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Renewable Energy

Another class project

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Adorable Eco-Friendly Homes (Binishells)

Eco-friendly houses. Please protect our environment by reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling. Other types of environmental-friendly homes are Earthships. SongArtist Credits: 0:00 to 0:05 is "Liquid Sun" by Astral Projection. 0:05 to 0:32 is "From the Heart (Tribute to Wonderboy)" by Afgin. 0:33 to 0:42 is "Sight of the Sages" by Chi-AD. 0:43 to 1:23 is "Earth Ritual" by Phobos (and is mixed into)… 1:09 to 1:23 is "Sonarush" by Psylent Buddhi. 1:24 to 1:50 is "Marianna Falls" by Asura. For more information: www.binishells.com James L of Jayden777 (this channel) is a professional videographer on the East Coast, USA. For promotional work, questions and answers, and hiring, e-mail him at: phatjames187@hotmail.com

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www.mwands.com How to upgrade your windmax wind turbine for a lower startup and higher speed using raptor generation 3 wind turbine blades.our adapter will also work on other imported wind turbines with a 16 mm thread.this upgrade will increase the performance and the startup time .Raptor Generation 3 blades and special hub can be found at missouri wind and solar dot com. heres the output of our turbines on our store roof http

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Part two, Battery bank/outback charge controller cable upgrade and solar panel roof installation.

Part two of Installedupgraded zero gauge cables on the battery banks and 04 gauge on the outback mppt controller. Also how I made custome brackets for the solar panels installation on the roof. Regards, Raz

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