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Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Pros And Cons

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Pros And Cons

In the past few years, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have been getting a lot of press, both good and bad. As with any new technology—that is, any technology newly offered to the public—there are proponents and opponents to the wide use of HEVs. Pros and cons are bandied about freely, and it can be difficult for the average person to weed out any useful information. Here is a brief, simple synopsis of the advantages and disadvantages of HEVs.

The most obvious benefit of HEVs is lowered environmental impact. A vehicle that’s powered solely by electricity produces absolutely no emissions. Admittedly, a hybrid vehicle does emit some carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, but only from the gasoline-driven engine. If your vehicle is powered by electricity 50% of the time, it will reduce harmful exhaust emissions by 50%.

Hybrid vehicles are quieter, and cause less noise pollution—an important consideration in urban areas. The engine only runs when the vehicle is being actively propelled forward. Over time, this trait also cuts down on overall energy consumption.

Another obvious benefit is that HEVs run on a fuel source that is already readily available, and that does not depend on foreign oil. The United States already has numerous electrical power plants that are already producing vast amounts of electricity.

For the most part, hybrids are easy to fuel up. The majority of hybrid vehicles on the market today have batteries that can be plugged in and recharged; an adaptor allows most hybrid owners to “fuel up” their vehicles at home. Some cities make charging stations available, as well.

However, there are downsides, as well. HEVs use a lead-acid battery. These can take a long time to charge, sometimes as long as 10 hours. This is not so much of a problem if you’re at home and plan on leaving your car to charge overnight, but it can be decidedly inconvenient when you’re traveling. In the future, as HEVs become more prevalent, you can expect charging stations with the capacity to charge batteries in a fraction of that time will to become available.

Another drawback is that while hybrids do vary somewhat in the distance that they can travel on a fully charged battery, the average is about 60 miles per charge. Again, this isn’t much of an obstacle for a hybrid vehicle, which can switch over to gasoline power at need—but decidedly inconvenient for a car with fully electrical propulsion (EV). In addition, the batteries have a limited shelf life—roughly three years—and are extremely expensive to replace.

Researchers are experimenting with other types of battery, such as nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium, and lithium-ion batteries. At present, these types could offer better performance, but the costs are prohibitive.

Lastly, the purchase cost of a hybrid vehicle is a major deterrent for many people who are considering “switching over.” HEVs are still more significantly more expensive that their gasoline-driven counterparts. To some degree, decreased fuel consumption, better fuel economy, and reduced maintenance costs serve as a counterbalance to the higher cost. There are also governmental tax credits, at the federal and sometimes even at the state level, for individuals who purchase hybrid vehicles.

Is it worth it to replace your current vehicle with an HEV? That depends. Only you can say. Do your research, and do the math. Look at all of the different factors involved, and make an educated decision. Only you can know if an HEV is the best choice given your life, your preferences, and your budget.

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Electric Mobility Scooters And What To Look For

Electric Mobility Scooters And What To Look For

Electric mobility scooters are designed to assist those who have physical conditions that make walking difficult enjoy the sense of independence and freedom that comes from mobility. When selecting the appropriate make and model of an electric scooter the individual rider’s overall physical condition and personal preferences need to be considered in relation to the basic construction of the scooter.

The basic construction should combine a backrest, seat and foot support to provide a comfortable and stable seating base. This enables riders to expend their energy on the essential activities, such as operating the vehicle and accomplishing tasks from within the mobility scooter rather than wasting effort trying to maintain a comfortable, upright position. The seat unit should have an anatomically contoured seat base and backrest and be wide enough to accommodate outdoor clothing if necessary. However, it should not be so wide that the user is forced to sit asymmetrically to feel properly supported. If the seat is too narrow it will become uncomfortable and increase the risk of pressure sores.

Try to choose an electric mobility scooter that has a seat and backrest which can be adjusted to meet individual comfort levels. Additionally, a seat with fold up armrests adds to the comfort of the rider, make transferring on and off the seat easier and will reduce the amount of physical strain on the upper body. A stable seating posture is essential in order to manage the vehicle’s controls which are located on the tiller, or steering column and handlebars.

The tiller is the control and steering mechanism for the mobility scooter and has the controls to drive the scooter forward or in reverse, as well as steering the front wheels. Some tillers feature height and angle adjustability to ensure that the rider can comfortably reach the tiller and therefore has maximum control over the scooter. A console, centrally located on the tiller, has the supplementary controls for lights, indicators, horn and to power the unit on and off. Two hands are typically required to manage the tiller steering component of an electric mobility scooter. Some models can be controlled by only one hand if the model is equipped with one level for acceleration that switches for forward and reverse mode, however operating supplementary controls at the same time as steering can be difficult.

If the intended rider is interested in an electric mobility scooter that will travel as well as provide travel you will want to investigate transportable electric mobility scooters. Transportable mobility scooters can be dismantled for transport and storage. On larger scooters or those intended for rugged outdoor use, you may want to check the weight of the largest individual piece in order to be properly prepared to disassemble as individual components can still be quite heavy. Although a convenient feature, when you consider transporting a mobility scooter you will have to keep in mind that transporting the scooter will require it to be broken down before the next destination, assembled upon arrival, disassembled upon return and once again assembled for use at home. This may not seem very convenient, but when it comes to being able to join family and friends on a special outing or having to choose to not participate due to physical limitations, the break down and set up of the mobility scooter is a more than worthwhile small chore in comparison to the benefits it brings to the rider and their ability to interact independently with family and friends.

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Much Ado About Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Much Ado About Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

In the earlier times, centuries ago, societies and people were conveniently mobilized by carts, which are run by horses.

Only the affluent were privileged to have such transportation means, because owning one will be of great value, because one has to invest in the cart, buy a horse and provide for its maintenance and hire a driver, who will navigate and run the car.

Speed was an issue then, because although horses can run at tremendous accelerations, the carts would not be able to endure too much pressure and shaking from the process of running.

The designs of carts were also limited and somehow immodest. Not to mention, the cause of delays because of problems with horses and loose wheels of carts. Traveling greater distances was also another setback.

The gas-powered cars

But in the 1880s, the automobile or the gas-powered cars were introduced to the market. The cars excited and roused interest among people because for the first time, they would run free from the company of the horse.

Running the car personally without horses greatly stunned people that in years after the initial release of the first cars in the 1880s, the popularity of the vehicle widely spread worldwide, years later.

Gas-powered cars were the next in thing, and its dominance in the transportation market has been prevailing for quite some time now. Through the whole 1900s, gasoline cars were more popularized, more widely used and had wider array of models to choose from.

Modern car manufacturers have been developing newer and trendier car models that always succeed in to make the predecessor and preceding models look inferior and not comparative.

The electric vehicles

The traditional gas powered cars may have vindictively surpassed the once anticipated threat posed by the development of electric-powered vehicles.

Electric powered vehicles were the first attempt to improvise and modify the traditional and conventional gas-powered vehicles. That is because the electric vehicles were designed and created to respond to the concerns posed over gas powered cars’ gasoline consumption and environmental degradation contribution.

When they were first released, car aficionados and fanatics were astonished to see a different breed of cars. But the awe and wonder faded rather quickly when it was immediately discovered that electric vehicles have significant limitations.

Electric vehicles for one do not need gasoline for combustion in engines in order to run and mobilize. All it needed was a supply of electricity, which can be provided by built in batteries that are specifically created and installed for the purpose.

In such a way, pollution is also significantly lessened. The setback is, the mileage and speed capacity of the electric vehicle is very inferior compared to the tradition cars.

For the traditional cars, for instance, it would take about 300 to 350 miles before the car runs out of fuel and require another gasoline refill.

For the case of the electric vehicle, it would run only about a hundred miles on the average before the batteries drain out and recharging is required. For most people, the difference would set a big, big challenge to the electric vehicle user.

The hybrid vehicles

And so the cycle turns, just like how car wheels turn for the car to be able to mobilize and travel. Because the electric vehicles were such failures, car makers did not hesitate to firmly focus to develop a car breed that would rise.

The hybrid car was that car. The hybrid vehicle is an integration or combination of the striking features of the traditional and the electric cars.

The hybrid vehicles still run on gasoline, but not entirely. There are instances and times when the car will have to be moved or run by electricity.

That concept of alternate energy use make up for a great reduction to the overall use or consumption of the gasoline. The greenhouse emission, consequently, is also reduced and trimmed down.

But, like the electric cars, hybrid vehicles also have their own setbacks. For its part, hybrid vehicles are not as affordable as the traditional counterparts, probably because the technology is still raw and the materials used to assemble the cars are still costlier.

But buying one will be of great advantage to you, the car user. Decide now.

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The Importance Of The Electric Car

The Importance Of The Electric Car

If you are like most people and driving and other forms of travel is essential to your work and life otherwise than this article is for you. With gasoline prices finally getting as high in this country as they have been in the rest of the world for some time people are starting to feel the crunch that it is causing on their budgets. Enter the electric car the so called savior of personal transportation in this country.

The technology that makes the electric car possible has been with us for decades now. There is little reason for them not to be mainstream now other than the fact that oil has been a huge part of our economy and that we use so much that we have been getting bargain prices for all of these years. Now that the bargains are vanishing though alternative fuel sources and other alternative means of getting around are becoming more priority as expected.

This is making a lot of people happy too. Lots of people are especially worried about the environment and the effect of burning so many fossil fuels and creating the green house gases responsible for global warming. This is especially true now that Al Gore’s movie has been released raising the concern to new heights. So besides the economy of the electric car the cleanliness with respect to the environment is also a major appeal.

The electric car is not the only new form of transportation that is on the table however. The hybrid cars are receiving stiff competition from other alternative fuels like ethanol and hydrogen cells. These are both very renewable sources of energy and have very clean working engines. The hydrogen cells are especially cool because the only byproduct of combustion in this engine is water! Nothing could be cleaner than the environment than water. We’ll see… probably in 20 years when hydrogen cells are mainstream we will find out that the extra production of water is going to flood our country with rising sea levels and throw the planet’s spin off kilter or some crap like that. But for now I am excited with all of this new technology.

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Some Facts about Electric RC Cars

Some Facts about Electric RC Cars

Electric RC cars are the most popular types of RC cars today. This might be because of the fact that every RC car hobbyist begins with this type of vehicle. The operation of an electric RC car is simple enough to be understood even by children. This makes it ideal for the beginner RC car enthusiast.

Electric RC cars have a lot of advantages. These advantages are what make them appealing to the general public. RC cars, which started as toys, have now become accepted as hobby items for adults. Here are some advantages of electric RC cars:

1) Ease of use- as said before, electric RC cars are very simple machines to operate. This is the reason why many parents opt to buy these vehicles for their children during Christmas. Unlike Nitro RC cars which require some complicated procedures in order to ensure correct operation, electric RC cars only require you to put on the batteries and you’re off!

This can be very important especially because of the fact that most people who buy electric RC cars are beginners in the hobby. It is often the fact that people who buy electric RC cars are buying their very first RC car kit. Although very few actually go on to become serious RC car hobbyists, the electric RC car can introduce them to the concept that RC car racing is fun.

2) Cheaper- Electric RC cars generally cost less than their gas-powered counterparts. This is the reason why they are more accessible to the general public. Electric RC cars can come as pre-assembled toys or can be bought in kits. Either way, electric RC cars can cost you so much less than Nitro models.

Economics can be very important to many people when they are looking for items to acquire. Let’s face it: not all of us can afford everything that we want in life. Some people go for electric RC cars because they provide a much more economical alternative to gas-powered ones.

They are also cheaper in terms of fuel. Contrary to popular belief, gas powered RC cars cannot be fueled with gasoline. The fuel that is used in nitro RC cars is a mixture of Nitromethane and castor oil which can be bought at various specialty shops. Electric RC cars, on the other hand, only need batteries or the regular recharge in order to run. This means that you don’t have to spend additional cash on fuel.

3) Indoor use- People are attracted to electric RC cars mainly because of the fact that it can be used indoors. This means that people are able to make use of their RC cars even if outdoor conditions are unfavorable.

What makes electric RC cars so different from Nitro RC cars? Well, it is a combination of two factors:

1) Noise- Electric RC cars run quietly. This makes them ideal for usage indoors. Nitro RC cars rely on combustion to run, which means that they can make a lot of noise. This is especially true if someone tried to operate a Nitro RC car indoors. The sound would reverberate off the walls and cause quite a racket.

2) Smoke- Since Electricity produces clean energy, there are no undesirable byproducts of running an electric RC car. However, electric RC cars need to be charged regularly which means that you might not be able to enjoy them for as long a time as you would enjoy a Nitro RC car.

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Electric Scooters: An Efficient Transportation Alternative

Electric Scooters: An Efficient Transportation Alternative

You just returned home from work. After spending thirty minutes in traffic to go a measly eight miles, your patience is shot.

You have not been home for even an hour when you notice that you need to go to the store to get some necessities. Instead of jumping in your car, you decide to save some gas money, along with your last nerve and take in the sights. It’s only a mile or so to the store, so instead of dealing with traffic, you opt for an alternative mode of transportation and avoid the hassle.

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficient, environmentally friendly makeup. Without the need for petroleum to power electric scooters, you are helping the environment with every ride. Instead burning fossil fuels and emitting more carbon into the atmosphere, you can do your part in saving our wonderful planet and have fun while you’re doing it.

Most electric scooters have the ability to fold down for easy storage or transport. With this added convenience, you can virtually take your electric scooter anywhere.

Electric scooters are perfect for that short trip. Instead of hopping into the car, burning the gas and dealing with traffic, hop on your electric scooter, turn the key and before you know it, you have arrived at your destination headache free.

Some electric scooters can reach a distance of twenty to thirty miles without needing a charge. If you take the average trip to the store two to three times a week, you will still have enough charge for more trips in between. When you take your automobile on several short distance runs, you are burning more gas with every acceleration. Every time you accelerate, you emit more pollutants into the environment and burn more gas than at a steady speed.

Electric Scooters are your cost effective alternative. Though the price range differs among the different types of electric scoters, it is safe to say that the average 250 watt electric scooter that has a range of about ten to twelve miles per charge will run about 0-0. For a 350 watt electric scooter that range from twelve to up to twenty miles per charge can set you back a mere 0 to 0. And the bigger 500 watt electric scooters that can average twenty to a whopping 30 miles on a charge will hit you wallet for around 0 to 0. One thing to remember: This is a one time fee, and you don’t have to keep filling up the tank, thereby after a few charges your electric scooter has virtually paid for itself.

Overall, when you look at the cost, efficiency, and overall convenience; you will agree that electrics scooters are one more thing in our lives that are not just a matter of convenience, rather a matter of being practical, which makes us more efficient in the long run. You can’t go wrong. Do your part to save the planet, save some nerves and put that

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Electric, Gasoline and Hybrid Cars

Electric, Gasoline and Hybrid Cars

The days of dominance of the gas-powered cars in the market are numbered. That is because hybrid vehicles being rolled out and launched by different car makers are creating a wave of interest, curiosity and patronage in the market.

For quite some time, people around the world have been relying on their cars for luxury, convenience and other basic functions. Cars have become a necessity for people that in some countries, it would be hard to live without owning one.

There are a number of issues and concerns regarding man’s reliance and use of cars. For one, prices of gasoline, which is the basic in running cars, are always rising.

Within the past 15 years, gasoline prices have been the most volatile among all the commodities in the world market. That is because the Middle East is the principal supplier and producer of these basic liquids, and you know how political conflicts always arise in the region.

Another setback for the use of cars is the issue on its environmental impact. Running cars use the combustion process of gasoline in the motor and engine, and the process creates massive amounts of pollutants particularly to the air.

There is an emerging green house effect that affects the climate around the world. Experts and environmentalists primarily point out and blame car engine combustion for the ongoing depletion of the protective ozone covering of the planet’s atmosphere.

That prompted car manufacturers to come out with modifications to the old and conventional style and structure of cars. Thus, there are hybrid cars.

Gasoline powered cars

Gas-powered cars have fuel tanks that supply gasoline or fuel to its engine. The engine, in turn converts the energy produced into transmission, which in turn turns the wheels, making mobility possible.

To be useful and extremely functional, experts have set standards or minimum requirements for cars. First, the car must run at least 300 miles before re-fueling is required. Another, the car must quickly and easily refuel.

Those two factors will ensure that each car will be able to keep up with other cars and prevent traffic congestion and other delays on the road.

The traditional and conventional gasoline powered cars meet those requirements, with flying colors. There are a number of car models out in the market today that offer much more and better features to the demanding consumers.

It should be noted that consumers now are more particular to the exterior design of cars. But to their advantage, the modern slick and beautiful cars are also powered up, making the latest cars not just beautiful but also superior and powerful.

Electric cars

In an attempt to answer the increasing problems on air pollution from car combustions processes, several car manufacturers have come up with cars that are powered not by gasoline but by electricity.

The electricity to be used in running those cars are stored in batteries. Thus, the electric cars have sets of batteries, which provide electricity and energy to the electric motor, which in turn, runs the transmission that turns the wheels.

Thus, no gasoline combustion and carbon monoxide emission is produced. However, one greatest, and most significant setback for the electric car is that it does not meet the specific car power requirements.

Electric cars on the average can only run 50 to 100 miles before electric charging is needed. By that, it falls inferior to the traditional and conventional gasoline powered cars. Another problem is that these cars take longer time to recharge their batteries, to the inconvenience of the user.

Hybrid cars

The contrasting features of the gas-powered cars and the electric cars meet half way through the hybrid cars. Hybrid cars combine the power requirement features of the gas powered and the electric cars.

However, many find hybrid cars a compromise. For one, these cars aim to raise the mileage and lower combustion emissions, and at the same time overcome the limitations of the modern electric cars.

There are a number of hybrid car models out in the market today, though they can be a little overpriced. Before you finally decide to purchase one, be sure to know the outstanding features and setbacks and be prepared for surprising discoveries, which could both be advantageous or disadvantageous.

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The Advantages of Gasoline Electric Hybrid Cars over Conventional Cars

The Advantages of Gasoline Electric Hybrid Cars over Conventional Cars

Today, more and more people are now considering getting rid of their gas-guzzling conventional cars and purchase a new kind of car available in the market today called hybrid cars. You may wonder why hybrid cars are gaining popularity all over the United States, but you should consider that hybrid cars can definitely give you a lot more benefits than conventional cars.

Hybrid cars can cost a lot more than conventional cars in terms of retail price. However, if you think in a long-term basis, hybrid cars will tend to be a lot cheaper than you can imagine. Hybrid cars are the next generation cars now available in the market that will enable you to save lots of money by getting more miles on a gallon.

Because of the constantly increasing price of gasoline, many people tend to purchase hybrid cars in order to save money on gasoline. Just imagine, a hybrid car will be able to cut fuel consumption in half compared to conventional cars. As you can imagine, you will save a lot more money in the long run. What you pay for the hybrid car will be worth it. This is because conventional cars will tend to be more expensive in the long run.

Hybrid cars use both gasoline and the cleanest energy source available, which is electricity. It also has smaller gasoline engines, built with light materials and is designed to be aerodynamic to reduce drag in order to give you the full efficiency potential.

Hybrid cars work by utilizing both the gasoline-powered engine and the electric motor to run the car. When the car is running idle or when it is not in motion but the engine is running, it automatically switches off the gasoline engine and the car will run on electric power. Once you stepped on the accelerator pedal, the hybrid car will automatically turn on the gas engine again. With this concept, you won’t spend a lot of fuel when you are trapped in a gridlock. Also, when the car is in motion, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will share the propulsion.

Another great advantage of gasoline-electric cars or hybrid cars is that it runs on clean energy. It has been found that hybrid cars emit far lower toxic fumes than conventional cars. Also, since it runs on a small gasoline engine and an electric motor, it is far quieter than conventional cars. This means that it can effectively help in reducing air pollution and noise as well.

Hybrid cars don’t need to be plugged in like electric cars to recharge. This is because the batteries are charged when the car itself is running or when the car is braking.

Recently, the President of the United States has signed an agreement in 2005 that states tax incentives for hybrid car buyers. This means that when you purchase a hybrid car, you will get huge tax relief depending on the hybrid car you purchase. It will depend on the amount of fuel it can save compared to a conventional car made in 2002 with the same weight class.

With all these benefits, gasoline-electric cars or hybrid cars is definitely the car of choice in today’s world. You will never be affected with constant oil price hikes and erratic movement in prices in the fuel industry.

With hybrid cars, you can benefit a lot more than you can imagine.

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Record Gas Prices Spark Interest in Electric Cars

Record Gas Prices Spark Interest in Electric Cars

Prices at the pump are driving more car buyers to look into electricity as an alternative fuel source.

This summer, oil and gas prices surged to new highs. Oil reached per barrel for the first time in history in August, boosting prices at the gas pump to per gallon in many parts of the country.

The rising prices have sparked a high interest in electric cars, scooters, bicycles and all-terrain vehicles, said Alex Campbell, spokesman for Zap, a company that makes battery-powered vehicles.

“We have had thousands of people calling and e-mailing us in the past few months,” Campbell said. “The economics of oil are becoming an issue for average consumers. And when you look at the cost of plugging in versus pumping gas, it makes a lot of sense.”

Gas cars use about 12 cents’ worth of fuel for every mile, whereas electric cars use only 3 cents’ worth. That means an electric car can travel four times as far as a gasoline car for the same money. Other vehicles, like electric bicycles, use about a penny’s worth of energy for every five miles and achieve an average fuel efficiency of more than 1,000 miles per gallon.

Driving an electric car is not only good for your pocketbook, it’s good for the environment. Electric cars emit 98 percent less pollution than gas cars, even after accounting for power plant emissions. This can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which scientists say contribute to global warming and climate change.

“Driving an electric car is a new experience that you have to try to understand,” Campbell said. “Once people add an electric car to their family, most people prefer to use the electric car over the gas car.”

A Green Car Institute study of electric car use in California shows that when given the choice between an electric car and a conventional one, owners chose the electric 90 percent of the time. The cars can be plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet to be recharged.

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Modern Electric Blankets – New Styles of Electric Blankets

Modern Electric Blankets – New Styles of Electric Blankets

Not like the ones belonging to your grandmother, the new styles of electric blanket have really changed to enhance your sleeping comfort. New electric blankets now come with heat sensors that turn the blanket on and off to keep a desired temperature in the bed while you sleep. No longer just a matter of setting the temperature and plugging it in, these blankets are designed to keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Timers and warm-up options are available on many models that will actually pre-heat the bed for you based on the time that you indicate they should begin warming. Gone are the days that you have to get into an icy bed, rather you will be able to slip between warm and cozy sheets.

In the past electric blankets have been on constantly, and may have given concern as to the amount of energy they were using. The new models now cycle on and off, and therefore are much less costly to operate and more energy efficient. Several reports indicate that an electric blanket may, in fact, save money on energy bills overall since the overall air temperature can be kept lower while you sleep. If you are concerned about the wired control setting, consider going wireless with a remote temperature control blanket. The small controlled unit can be kept in easy reach to simply adjust temperatures up or down as needed. Many of these blankets also offer automatic temperature adjustment as well.

For watching TV or reading an electric throw is a terrific option. Smaller than a full sized electric blanket they still offer all the features of a full sized blanket, including an automatic shut off and multiple temperature settings.

There is also a new micro-fleece low voltage electric blanket on the market that is ideal for keeping warm without any bulk. This ultra thin electric blanket comes with a converter that changes the standard 120V power into an ultra safe 25 volts. The blanket itself never becomes hot to the touch; rather it provides a consistent warmth. The micro-fleece works to distribute the heat evenly so there are no cold or hot spots on the blanket.

Modern electric blankets are both safe and energy efficient. It is important to keep the blankets in good repair, and to follow manufactures care information. The automatic shut offs and multiple temperature setting prevents the old problems of overheating with electric blankets. All types of fabrics and colors are used to make electric blankets, so finding a match for your bedroom or home is not difficult. Try treating yourself to an electric blanket for a warm and comfortable sleep.

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