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Eleven money saving tips that will extend the life of your refrigerator/freezer and lower the cost of energy in Atlanta.

Eleven money saving tips that will extend the life of your refrigerator/freezer and lower the cost of energy in Atlanta.

To reduce the need of repairs, use the following preventative measures. Proper maintenance and care is essential in keeping your refrigerator and freezer running efficiently. Improper care will cause your unit to overwork by using more electricity to keep you clothes clean than if properly maintained. By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your refrigerator/freezer and avoid many costly repairs.
Eleven money saving tips that will extend the life of your refrigerator/freezer and lower the cost of energy in Atlanta.
1. Always ship refrigerators upright. Placing the refrigerator on the side may cause a Freon leak that will prevent cooling. Placing refrigerator on its back will damage the condenser coils and cause the compressor to fail because if the unit is restarted before allowing the oil enough time to drain out of the lines and compressor back into the oil chamber.
2. Locate refrigerators away from heat sources like your range, a radiator, or a sunny window. To prevent overheating and system failure, do not locate the refrigerator near anything that can restrict the airflow to the motor, coils and compressor. Also, do not place refrigerators on top of carpeting because most condensers are located under the refrigerator and carpeting retains heat and restrict air flow.
3. To avoid burning out the compressor, always plug the refrigerator directly into the wall. If you absolutely need to run an extension chord, make sure a heavy duty, 3-pronged extensions cord. If unsure, consult the manufacturer specifications in the user guide.
4. Never run frost-free refrigerators with freezer compartments in unheated areas with air temperature below 60 degrees. When the air temperature goes below 60 F, the compressor runs less, keeping temperatures in the refrigerator compartment cold enough for fresh food but not cold enough in the freezer. At air temperatures below 40 F, the compressor stops running, so the freezer compartment rises to air temperature and food thaws and spoils. Also below 32 F, water melted during the automatic defrost cycle may freeze again and block air passages.
5. When leaving for an extended time like a vacation or other long trip discard perishable food, turn off the ice maker and leave the refrigerator on.
6. Do not over fill the refrigerator because cold air can’t circulate freely to regulate the temperature food.
7. To prevent odors and food quality; cover or wrap all exposed foods. Clean up spills and remove spoiled food immediately
8. Clean the refrigerator/freezer regularly by taking out all food and removable interior parts. Wash with a mild house hold detergent or baking soda and rinse with warm water. Rinse and wipe dry. Take out removable glass shelves and plastic and repeat the procedure. Be careful not put cold glass or plastic in hot water; they may crack. Clean the door gasket with detergent solution; rinse and dry. Do not use abrasives.
9. Especially in warmer climates like Atlanta and its long hot summers, it is recommended to clean condenser coils twice a year by gently brushing off the buildup that may cause overheating.
10. Regularly clean the seals in order to maintain proper temperature control and system efficiency. Atlanta, Georgia has high humidity, to prevent mold growth, clean the seals monthly with warm water and a mild detergent
11. Sweep or vacuum dust and other debris under and around your refrigerator to promote good airflow and temperature.

By following these tips, you can prolong the life of unit and avoid many costly repairs. Nonetheless, there are times when a repair is needed; in North Georgia contact Atlanta Refrigerator Repair. Atlanta Refrigerator Repair can fix most brands and models of refrigerators and freezer including Kenmore, Whirlpool, General Electric, Amana, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Insinkerator, Frigidaire, Sub Zero, Kitchen Aide, Magic Chef, and Scottsman. They repair most refrigerator problems including poor cooling, leaks, loud noises and icemakers.
Attempting to repair a refrigerator or freezer without proper training and safety standards is dangerous. Refrigerators and freezers should only be repaired by skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience to safely bring them out of disrepair. Repairs performed by unqualified people risk serious injury or even death. A relatively small outlet can easily carry 150 times the current needed to kill a person.
Atlanta Refrigerator Repair can be reached at (678)-391-9243 or info@Atlantrefrigeratorrepair.com for fast, reliable professional service. They service most of Atlanta and North Georgia including Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett and Cherokee Counties. Some of the municipalities serviced include Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Decatur, College Park and Duluth.
Proper maintenance and care is essential in keeping your refrigerator and freezer running efficiently improper care will cause your unit to overwork By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your refrigerator/freezer and avoid many costly repairs.
By Manuel Enrique Lopez “QuiQue” is Chief Marketing Officer Home Partners Associates in Atlanta.

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Saving Energy- Driving And Car Maintenance

Saving Energy- Driving And Car Maintenance

More than two-thirds of the total oil consumption of U.S. goes to transportation – mainly in the form of gasoline. An average American consumes 500 gallons of gas annually. And with the unpredictable cost of fuel and the growing concern for the environment, saving energy by becoming a better driver and keeping your car properly maintained becomes a must. Consider the following tips to increase fuel efficiency and therefore, save energy…

Proper Driving

Lighten up. Remove unnecessary things from your car. Extra weight consumes fuel.

Avoid idling. Driving 0 miles per hour doesn’t mean that you don’t consume fuel. A car engine that is running consumes fuel whether it is moving or not. Do not waste fuel by idling to preheat your engine. Once you start your engine, drive.

Turn off your engine if you are stuck on traffic. This makes hybrid cars so fuel efficient. Hybrid cars automatically shut off its engine when at full stop, eliminating the fuel consumption caused by idling.

Park, turn off your engine and eat inside the restaurant instead of going to a drive thru.

If your vehicle has cruise control feature, turn it on. Cruise control helps you maintain a constant speed and save on gas.

Drive sensibly. Aggressive driving, abrupt acceleration, speeding and hard braking lower your fuel efficiency by as much as 33% in the highway and 5% in the city.

Avoid high speeds. Fuel efficiency drops when you drive more than 60 mph.

If you are driving a car with manual transmission, shift to the highest drivable gear. High gear at low speed requires less pressure on the gas pedal compared to low gear at high revolution.

Calculate your breaking distance. Do not accelerate if you know that you have to slow down or go into full stop right away. Excessive breaking is the result of excessive acceleration. Avoid them both. Car air-conditioning system increases fuel consumption by as much as 15%. Turn it off whenever possible. Avoid using the roof rack. Instead, utilize the space of your trunk or the back of your car. Items on your rack produce drag and reduce fuel economy by as much as 5%. Maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

If you can afford the cost, switch to hybrid cars. They have higher fuel economy than regular gasoline-engine vehicles. Also, hybrid cars have no- or low-emission rating which helps reduce carbon dioxide emission. Electric cars and other vehicles that run on alternative energy are better choices if you want to save on fuel and help the environment.

Fuel efficiency is maximized if the car is light, aerodynamic and has a small engine. So when you are considering buying a new car, you can take into account these 3 elements, which can be found on small cars and not on the gas-guzzling SUVs.

Car Maintenance

Replace or clean your air filters regularly. Clogged filters prevent air to enter the cylinder which results to poor car performance and more fuel consumption.

Keep your wheels properly aligned.

Subject your car to regular tune up, change oil and car maintenance checks to avoid fuel economy problems caused by dragging brakes, transmission problems, low transmission fluids or worn spark plug.

Try carpooling, telecommuting or public transit to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance cost.

Use the right type of oil for your car.

Saving energy begins at home and extends on the road. Make these things a habit to save cash, help the environment and extend the service of your car.

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Use Safe Energy Today

Use Safe Energy Today

In the winter your home heating cost may rise almost each year. There are many reasons for this rise in heating costs for all types of heat whether you have electric, gas, or oil heat in your house. There are several things to save money and get ready for the rise of energy costs in your home environment.

Check out these tips to see how you can keep your bills lower this winter:

Make sure your windows are insulated. Examine every room in your house to make sure your windows are sealed well. You can see if there is a leak by lighting a match and producing smoke near a shut window. If there is a leak you can see the smoke go towards that part of the window. You can buy kits to patch up your windows and make them better for the winter.

A ceiling fan can help bring warm air closer to where you, since warm air always goes up the fan can help bring it down. You can get some that will help you out in the summer to keep cool too.

Keep your doors closed when you aren’t in the room. This will help you to keep cold air from escaping to the areas of the house that you use more often. This will also help you save money when you just heat the areas of the room that you are using.

Use curtains and blinds to keep heat in. During the day open your blinds so you get sunlight and then close them when it is dark to keep heat inside. You can really feel the difference when you use the sun’s own safe energy to help you heat the rooms in your house and then close your curtains at night to keep the cold air out.

Make sure that your doors are weather proofed too and make sure you caulk your windows. You don’t to feel a draft if you don’t’ have to. Check the bottoms of doors to make sure that they aren’t drafty. You can use caulk to seal up windows and if the seal is broken on your windows make sure that you fix it wherever it is damaged.

You can realign your doors because they can begin to sag and lose shape. You should do this before winter so you can have them fitting snuggly to keep you warm.

Make sure your furnace is in prime working order. You can hire someone to help you with this project and make sure that you are saving money by getting the most out of your furnace. When it is running poorly you will be losing money and you can have real issues with safety.

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Saving On Home Energy Costs

Saving On Home Energy Costs

These days, a major factor for many home improvement projects is the need to cut down on energy costs by making the home more energy efficient. Many home owners are finding that simple projects that require little initial investment will save them a bundle in the summer and the winter, when heating and cooling costs really begin to add up. Here are some areas and ideas you can check on to make sure that your home is wasting the least possible amount of energy.

Water: Water in any form is a general conservation concern, and there are areas throughout North America where water is at such a premium that usage is measured in much the same way as electricity; through the use of meters. The same methods for conserving your water in the home can also be used when it comes to cutting down on your gas or electric bill by watching your hot water intake.

A major area for the loss of hot water is the bath. In order to cut costs, consider installing a water smart showerhead- these easy to screw on water savers can be bought both as attachable heads, which are mounted directly on your shower spout, or as heads attached to a tube which allows for flexibility and a large range of motion. The best water saving heads will have several controls to adjust the flow and pressure of water.

You should also take a look at repairing any leaky taps in your home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. A leaky tap can mean hundreds of gallons of water used needlessly every day, in addition to the annoyance of the noise.

Heating and Cooling: The main factors in energy use as far as homes go is in their heating in the wintertime and cooling in the form of air conditioning in the summer time. Some basic home improvement ideas can help you maintain a static temperature in your home without having to use extra power.

Windows are always the first area to check in the event of air loss. Older houses contain only single-pane windows, and in order to retain the air temperature of your house double paned windows are necessary; in fact, in many places double paned windows are mandatory. Upgrading your windows is a relatively easy task, although the windows themselves may be expensive. Check the seals around the window edges to make sure they are intact and offer no leaks.

The next area to check for air leaks is around your doors. Doors will contract over time, leaving minute cracks along the bottoms and the edges which can allow drafts or escaped air. This is a pretty simple thing to fix, simply by adding some additional caulking or weather stripping to the area where you can feel the leak.

Finally, a roof in need of repair can cause a lot of air to escape. Remember that heat rises, so if your roof is in disrepair you stand to lose quite a lot of heat out of the top of your home. Check your roof every year to make sure there are no loose shingles, and most houses require a roof to be replaced every twenty-five years. Adding a second whirlybird to the top of your house can greatly improve the circulation of air inside.

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Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency

Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy: Why is there a need to improve it?

The home is expected to provide us shelter. Indeed, the home functions as a shield against the rain, sun, snow, and wind. In fact, our homes are our solace so they must be comfortable and warm. They should become a place that we will all love to go home to and find solitude in. But apart from all these things, the basic must come at hand—the home should be entirely durable and sturdy. They say there is no place like home so we better make the best out of our own homes! These factors and requirements may be met if only all the elements comprising the home will work hand in hand. The inside and outside environments, the entirety of the building shell itself, the occupants, and the mechanical system must all together function as one united factors.

The building envelope is said to be the shell of the entire house that shields us from weather elements. The things that comprise it are the windows, doors, above-grade walls, the roof, the floor, and the basement walls. The building envelope must be capable of providing the structural support for all of the roofs and walls, shield the overall structure from complete deterioration, permit the flow of natural lighting in the interior, and must serve as the medium of getting in and out of the structure. Furthermore, the building envelope should mark a line between the indoor and outdoor environment plus the weather that exists outside of the structure.

For a satisfying stay in the home, there is a need for the home energy to work out just fine. Imagine your home to be very warm. For sure you will be unable to get a good sleep and complete rest. Most people are faced with tremendously high electrical bills. When you want nothing but comfort and convenience, you must invest on home appliances that will serve the purpose. Air conditioning units for one are very common to use. But then the excessive use of these equipment subjects the electric consumption to be soaring up high.

What will make you save your hard-earned money? Cutting back your expenses will be very practical in these hard times. You can very well start with the conservation of energy consumption. The times are too hard. The rate of unemployment is increasing. You must be thankful that you are part of the fortunate percentage of employed citizens of your country. But you must not abuse your resources. If there is a possible way of saving the money you’ve worked hard for, then, better do it. Do not let your earnings fly out of the door just like a piece of paper blown by the wind.

Employing into your system some kind of home energy saving ideas will prompt you to save tons of dollars in your very own pocket. Why pay for such a tremendous amount when in fact you can think of and apply some practical home energy-saving ideas and habits? Among the commonly practiced home energy saving ideas include the turning off of the lights and unplugging of the appliances when they are not in use, air-sealing tight the borders of the home, placing screens on the doors and windows so that proper ventilation will come in without the risk of inviting in the mosquitoes that may threaten the health of the family members, and of course by making use of the home energy saving devices that can be bought from several hardware and stores.

It helps a lot to make a checklist of these home energy saving tips so that you will be able to go over it as you get confronted with the problem of too much electrical consumption to be cut back. Your home energy is a very basic need. No one can exactly survive a day without making use of home energy. As much as its vitality for survival is concerned, so is the price that tags along with it.

Home energy saving tips are great ways of improving your home. You can always be comfortable and convenient without risking the money you’ve earned so hard. Saving for the rainy days will always be practical and will make you always ready for the security of your family and your own self. If there is a way to save on your home energy consumption, do it!

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Why Use a House Energy Shield

Why Use a House Energy Shield

We all know how dangerous lightning can be. In fact, the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters have proven through some experiments just how dangerous having your house hit by lightning is.

Lightning, when it hits a house, actually travels through a home’s electrical system. The lightning tries to find the quickest way to the ground. It can travel through your plumbing and even through the phone.

That is just the reason why you should avoid the phone or the computer during a thunderstorm. A lightning bolt traveling through your phone into your body can actually kill you in less than a second. You might reason out that there are a lot of stories circulating about people who survive being struck by lightning. However, you have to ask yourself one question: do you feel lucky?

In the same note, you should also avoid the shower, as water plus electricity equals very bad news.

Now that you know at least the basics of home lightning safety, let’s move on to your stuff. As said before, Lightning can travel through the house electrical system. This would be no problem for simple appliances like electric fans or light bulbs.

Don’t breathe easy yet, because the appliances that lightning does damage are the ones containing microchips. That’s right: lightning will damage your precious high tech equipment.

What do you do? Well, they always say that preparation is always the best thing you can do. Here are some tips:

1) Unplug all damageable appliances if you think a storm is coming – This would disconnect all the appliances from your house’s main electrical circuit and will save your stuff from being fried.

2) Get a lightning rod – Of course, almost everybody has heard about a lightning rod. This simple device attracts the lightning and diverts it from the house. This device is also grounded. This means that the lightning rod actually makes a pathway for the lightning to reach the ground as quickly as possible without damaging your equipment.

3) Get a house energy shield – This is a relatively new concept built for the sole purpose of preventing surges from frying your appliances.

House energy shields are often installed by electronics companies who specialize in accessories. If you are imagining your house covered by futuristic energy shields that deflect lightning blasts, you may have been reading too much science fiction. A house energy shield is a system provided by some companies that will protect your electrical circuit from damage in case of energy surges.

A house energy shield composes of a number of surge protectors that protect specific appliances. This prevents lightning from doing any real damage to your precious stuff.

Another component of a house energy shield is the UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply. This piece of equipment actually provides clean power when you experience a power surge or brownout.

We all know the risks of not properly shutting down your computer. A UPS actually gives your system the proper time to shutdown before running out of power. Another problem with sudden brownouts is data loss. Don’t you just hate it when a brownout suddenly turns off your computer and you remember that you forgot to save a document you were working on?

Well, this part of the house energy shield system will allow you to save your files even when you experience a brownout. Now isn’t that just amazing?

House energy shield systems can actually be found in the internet. There are all sorts of equipments and accessories which you can use to protect your electrical system from being damaged due to unfortunate incidents.

You may also choose to buy different types of surge protection equipment and design your own house energy shield. Whatever your choice, you need to know that technology today can let you do whatever you need.

So, there you go, those are some things you may want to know about house energy shields. Remember that a thing doesn’t have to look good or even be visible in order to be effective. This is the case with a house energy shield. Sure, your house may not be enclosed in a force field, but you are protected.

And in the end, protection really does matter, right?

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Home Energy Rating System

Home Energy Rating System

What You Should Know About Home Energy Rating System

Energy conservation is one of the considerations that homeowners are taking into account when they are buying furnishings for their homes. From heating systems to washers, owners would like everything to be energy efficient.

This is the reason why there are a lot of products out in the market these days that have with them seals that show how energy effective and efficient these things are. Buyers who are conscious of what they want for their homes always look for this seal. And why not? If it means that they could save on electricity bills, then they would gladly go for it.

But the issue here is not only about the furniture that runs on electricity. The main issue is really about the energy that houses are consuming. There was a time when people cannot control their consumption because they have no means of measuring or estimating energy. The result? Soaring electric bills consumption that could have been prevented if owners only know how to.

With the technology of today, this problem has been eliminated. There is now home energy rating systems that people can have. This is the answer that everyone is waiting for to counter his or her energy efficiency and high bill problems.

If you compare this system to something that you can relate with easily, it would be like that of the meter you have in your car that calculates how many mileage you have used the car for.

In place of the meter, there would be a person visiting your place. That person will conduct an inspection of your place and will survey how much energy you are using by looking at everything from appliances to window positioning and airflow.

It can be noted that the inspector is not just any person. This is someone that has extreme knowledge about houses and energy use. Once he had thoroughly inspected your home, that will be the time when he can point out suggestions or proposals to make your home more energy efficient.

Since electricity is one of the highest paying in all the bills that is acquired in every home, it is normal that owners would rather opt to have inspectors checking out their homes rather than pay the bills that seem to be escalating month after month.

Persons that are considered expert in this system can even point out the furniture that you can and you cannot do without. They would be glad to help you sort out what you have in your home and suggest new things that might help you lower your bills.

This is not all. The data that are gathered from homes are then put into a file that the energy department of the location have. Once all the information has been compiled, the house will be given a rating based on the specified standards of what they consider energy efficient and what is not. Now, why would that be important to the homeowner?

Simple. The rating on how energy efficient and how energy inefficient a house is will reflect on the mortgage that the owners are paying. Mortgages are important to be considered by homeowners because those are also expenses that they need to pay continuously. Owners do not want to be buried deep into mortgages just because their homes are not considered an efficient one.

Another problem that could arise is when homeowners decide to sell their property. It seems that every buyer is now aware or has been taught well about choosing homes that are energy efficient. This is one of the queries they ask real estate brokers and agents. They need to be assured that the property that they are about to buy will be worth it as far as electricity bills go.

Not so many people are aware of the fact that energy efficiency is a factor that affects the market value of their home. If only they have known, they would have probably went out of their way having that needed inspection and making the most of what inspectors have to say.

So the next time you have that home energy rating given, you might want to give it some thought and take note of the suggestions that the department will be giving you. It will only be for your own good and the good of the persons that you will be giving or selling your property to. And to think that you could have paid less or have gotten a higher selling price if you have known the aforementioned facts.

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Invest In a Golf Cart and save your energy for the Game

Invest In a Golf Cart and save your energy for the Game

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, you know that your golf bag can get quite heavy after just a few holes. While the heaviness of the golf bag isn’t enough to keep you from getting out on the green, it does wear on you and you’ll find that you are tired after the end of a day of golf. One of the best ways to prevent fatigue after a great game of golf is to invest in a golf cart also known as a golf trolley. These awesome little contraptions can help you maneuver your golf bag and gear from hole to hole allowing you to concentrate on your game.

A golf trolley may not be an ideal investment for golfers that only get out on the course once a year, but if you play even a couple times a month you’ll find that a golf caddy is one of the best investments you’ll ever make where your golf game is considered. While carrying your golf bag isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t require extreme strength, many avid golfers simply find that the extra fatigue after 12 or 18 holes simply isn’t worth it because it does detract from their concentration as well as their accuracy. If you’ve noticed this, you should definitely look into a golf cart of some kind. There is a golf caddy for everyone, no matter where they play or how often.

There are several types of golf carts for you to choose from. There are electric or motorized golf cart options, golf pull cart options, and even a golf caddy that is controlled with a remote so that your clubs are carried throughout the course literally hands free. How much you play will really depend on what type of golf cart is for you, but with a wide selection out there every golf player will find something that is right for him or herself.

One of the best golf carts currently offered is the Golf Caddy X2. The X2 golf caddy is an electric cart that will help you guide your golf gear through the courses very simply and easily. You don’t have to worry about the X2 tearing up the green or being too noisy and disturbing other golfers. This is a high quality electric golf cart that will allow you to enjoy your golf game all that much more. The price of the X2 is right around 0.00 which isn’t all that bad if you consider all that it will do for you and how much easier your golf game has just become.

If you are really looking for a state of the art electric golf trolley, you should definitely look into the remote control golf caddy known as the Caddy X3R. This is an awesome golf bag cart that will allow you to truly move your golf gear from hole to hole with very little effort. A push of the button on the tiny remote that will fit easily into your pocket will have your cart guided right to you. Again, this is not a noisy or destructive golf caddy, so you will be allowed to use it on the greens if need be. This extremely upscale golf caddy can be purchased for right about 0.00, which is impressive for the technology it offers.

If you don’t golf often enough to spend much on a golf cart, you can always opt for a golf pull cart. This is simply a cart on two wheels that will make guiding your golf gear from hole to hole much easier. There will be no shoulder fatigue as you maneuver around the course; you simply have to pull your golf bag along with you.

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5 Star Energy House Rating in Tasmania: An Exploration of Ideas

5 Star Energy House Rating in Tasmania: An Exploration of Ideas

Did you know that energy is one commodity we cannot afford to waste? Sure, people may say that the development of all new alternative energy sources now makes this idea obsolete. However, you need to understand that not all people have the appropriate information and resources in order to take advantage of this new technology.

Many people will choose to upgrade their houses in order to get a 5 star energy rating in Tasmania if they are given the opportunity. Under the house energy rating system, houses are judged according to how efficiently they consume energy.

In order to get your house rated according to Tasmania rules, you’ll need help from one of two Victorian agencies: FirstRate or AccuRate. These two organizations can give you certification that your house has been energy rated according to Tasmanian standards. Another thing you’ll need to do is design a solar heating system or a water-saving device.

5 star rated houses have been standardized in Tasmania because the government does want to cut back its spending on imported oil and other outside energy sources.

If you wish to find more information about the 5 star energy house rating in Tasmania, you’ll want to know about the fact that other countries like the United States have been looking to standardize their home s as well. In fact, the state of Louisiana now offers cash rewards for homeowners who improve or build houses with 5 star energy efficiency ratings.

There are a lot of sources which you can use to gather more information regarding 5 star house energy ratings in Tasmania. In order to learn more about this program, you may want to go online and check out the different sites that offer information regarding it.

1) Government sites – This program is, of course, promoted by the government. This is the reason why you can find a whole lot of information about it on government sites. When you are looking at the government sites, you gain access to all the information about the program you might need.

This information not only includes the different laws concerning the program, but it also allows you to contact different people you may get help from. Government sites are actually pretty good research sites as they are always seeking ways of promoting the program to the people.

2) Energy sites – these sites specialize in the promotion of energy efficiency. As such, these sites can give you pretty good information on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency rating to five stars. In order to have your home receive the best critique regarding energy efficiency, you might want to consult these sites.

3) Architectural sites – these sites focus on home design and as such, they would be able to help you with a house design that follows the 5 star energy efficiency standards. Many people do not realize this, but energy efficiency is not just about the home appliances. Energy efficiency also has a lot to do with the overall design of the house.
The architectural design of the house actually determines the efficiency by which the house is heated of cooled. As you may well know, climate control accounts for the biggest part of the average electric bill. This means that you consume home energy the most in the effort to make the temperature comfortable for you.

By looking at this type of site, you can actually make sure that you are getting a house that is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Okay, those are some of the sites that you can use to search about the program. What you need to do now is try to contact the proper people to help you with building the plans. As you may have seen, most of these sites actually do provide with the information you need and the connections you may want in order to get the job done. Because of the technology of the internet, energy efficiency now also means convenience.

All that is actually left for you to do is to decide as to which type of energy efficient house you want. You can practically have the house of your dreams (as long as you have enough cash, of course). What’s more, funding for the modifications can now actually be covered by an energy efficiency mortgage. In time, you will find out that the mortgage payments are significantly lower than what you’ll be able to save on electricity.

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Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit: Checking Out the Parts of the Home

Going about a home energy audit is one smart way of cutting the utility bills that you pay for at the end of every month. Many people tend to forget about the parts of their homes that might be causing the rise in the home energy consumption. One fact that you must learn to take note of is that the home appliances that you possess, although they are switched off and not in use, still consume energy because of the phantom loads that they create. Examples of these are the VCRs, stereo components, microwave oven, toasters, and the stoves.

Although they are turned off, they still consume energy. How much more when you total their consumptions in a day and then for the entire month? Likewise, the remote controlled devices are always put on a ready mode. Such state of readiness also consumes home energy. Apart from these concerns, the parts of the home contribute to the escalating home energy consumptions. Among these are the attics, fireplaces, and the rest of the less obvious parts of the house.

The General Purpose of the Home Energy Audit

Why is a home energy audit recommended by the experts? What is this process devoted for? For everyone’s clear understanding, the ultimate purpose of the home energy audit is the making possible of the efficiency in the energy utilized in the home. When the home energy used is maximized and securely utilized, there will be the most possible reduction of the utility bills today and the succeeding years to come.

A home energy audit will work best for homeowners who are confronted with very large electric bills. In fact, conducting the needed home energy audit will let you save thousands of dollars in the upcoming years. Stop dwelling on the windows and doors you have at home for they are obvious spots that let you lose much home energy. Why not look into the less obvious spots like the attic, the ceilings, and the fireplace?

Most homeowners put away their unused things and keep them in the attic. Sure, the attic is a great place to store your junked stuffs. But then didn’t you ever glance at your attic and consider the renovation of it so that there will be proper insulation in there? You may indeed throw out big bucks for its improvement but it will do your attic good, so to speak. The attic must be installed with open air vents so as to keep up a good air circulation. When there is no proper air circulation in the attic, the utmost tendency is for the roofing and the stored stuff in the attic to get destroyed.

Now take into consideration the ceiling you’ve got at home. It must have enough insulation so that the home energy will be kept from escaping from it and to go upwards to the attic. The easiest way for heat to transfer into the attic is through a hole in the ceiling.

Also take a good look at the fireplace. When the concern of regulating and controlling the temperature inside the home comes in, the fireplace is the most difficult spot to cover. As the design of the fireplace is concerned, it is particularly aimed at moving the smoke out of the interior environment of the home.

The process is known as the propulsion of the heat. But then the main problem is that whenever the fireplace is not in use, it still goes on with the propulsion of the heat towards the exterior borders of your home.

When dealing with a fireplace, you should bear in your mind that the flue must always be kept closed when it is not being used. But if you intend to have it open, simply turn off the heater inside your home since it will come out of the vents then cross the room, and then right into the fireplace the heat will be blown out. For some logical reasons, such situation will just cause you a nightmare in terms of the electrical bills that will confront you.

If you are serious with your intention of cutting back your home energy costs, a home energy audit will be best.

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