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Is Biodiesel The Answer To Unstable Diesel Fuel Prices?

Is Biodiesel The Answer To Unstable Diesel Fuel Prices?

You were probably shocked when we had the record breaking fuel prices both on gasoline and diesel in July 2008. What was more shocking was that at one point, diesel prices become more expensive than gasoline. What happened next was completely unexpected. After a couple of months, fuel prices began to drop steeply. Speculator say that prices will reach as high as 0 per barrel but now, it is at to per barrel.

Still, the government took action by releasing funding on exploration of alternative forms of energy and gave incentives on those who produce crops that will be converted into fuel. While the government had been active in its campaign to become energy independent since time immemorial, it was just recently when crude prices were up, that the government had seriously taken it as a priority.

But is biodiesel the answer to unstable diesel fuel prices?

Originally, the diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil. But since petroleum diesel was cheaper then, vegetable oil was simply not an economical choice. But now, pump prices have driven farmers to convert their lands into biodiesel plantations. On one hand, the production of alternative fuel like biodiesel is good since its use will reduce our demand for petroleum oil. And if the demand is low, the prices will follow as well.

Since biodiesel comes from vegetable oil, it is 100% biodegradable. It does not hurt the environment. Furthermore, a wide spread use of biodiesel in the future will help solve air pollution in big cities because biodiesel help reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions. The decrease on petroleum consumption has a good environmental effect.

On the other hand, experts say that while converting farmlands into biodiesel will ease the demand on petroleum products, it will drive the food prices up and may create food shortage. This is because lands that are supposed to be used in producing food are now producing fuel. Many farmers are now focused on fuel production and not on food production. Early signs of food shortage were felt right after farmers began planting more corn. It should be remembered that just recently, corn prices began to rise because of the increasing demand for biodiesel. Prices of other farm-produced fruits and vegetables rose as well.

It is important, therefore, to understand the effects of solving one problem. Does it create another problem in the process? Or will it just be a temporary solution? It is also important not to focus too much on solving a particular problem.

There are other ways to get biodiesel. Recycled restaurant grease, vegetable oil and animal fats can be used to drive your diesel engine vehicle. Other alternative forms of energy that are both efficient and do not harm the environment include solar energy, electric and even water.

No one really knows what the future of diesel fuel prices is, but one thing is for sure: if high prices happened before, it is not impossible that it will happen again. But that doesn’t mean that we focus our attention solely on producing biodiesels. We have to find and develop other forms of energy that will not compromise other important commodities. There is nothing wrong with using biodiesel but make sure that biodiesels will not become the problem that is much harder to solve.

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Alternative Fuel To Fight Diesel Fuel Prices

Alternative Fuel To Fight Diesel Fuel Prices

When diesel was much cheaper than gasoline, everybody went to buy diesel engine vehicles. But the soaring prices of crude oil in the world market and the increased demand for diesel have significantly increased diesel fuel prices, especially in July 2008. While it is becoming cheaper now, no one really knows if diesel prices will stay at its current low price level. And so technologists, scientists and environmentalists have developed alternative fuel to fight the soaring cost of fuel prices including diesel and gasoline.


Originally, the diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable seed oil or peanut oil. But since petroleum fuel was cheaper then, people have forgotten that diesel engine can run on these natural oils. Now, it is making a comeback. Biodiesel, as we know it today, can be soybean oil, animal fats, vegetable oil or recycled restaurant grease. The good thing is, any diesel engine can run effectively on B20 (a mixture of 20 parts biodiesel and 80 parts petroleum diesel). These natural oils are clean and biodegradable. Biodiesel has lower carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates emissions.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

LPG is a byproduct of petroleum refining, which are widely used for home heating and cooking, can be a substitute to diesel fuel. LPG is cheaper than all petroleum products. It contains hydrocarbons and vapor at its normal pressure and temperature. Its main component is propane. LPG is widely available and can be used as an alternative fuel with a conversion kit.

Ethanol (E85)

Ethanol is made from fermented biomass, usually corn. Completely biodegradable and renewable, ethanol is clean and doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gas emission. It got the name, E85 because it is composed of 85% alcohol and 15% gasoline. Although it is becoming widely available today and can be used on any diesel engine vehicle, E85 is pricier than other types of alternative fuel.


Methanol is naturally abundant on earth or can be made by fermenting biomass. It is somewhat similar to ethanol. However, the availability of methanol is still a problem.


The two main issues of electric cars are: it cannot cope with the current traffic and battery life. But with the release of the first sports car that runs on pure electricity – Tesla – these 2 issues are put to rest. However, the technology has yet to completely take off. There may be developments here and there but aside from Tesla, there are very few (plug-in) electric cars on the market today. Aside from this, electric cars are very expensive. The next best option, then, is to go hybrid. Hybrid cars have electric motor and diesel or gasoline engine (there are other types of hybrid cars). Although they are more expensive than regular cars with diesel or gasoline engine, they have the best fuel mileage the market can readily offer.


The most abundant element on earth is hydrogen so it is only fitting to use it as a form of energy. But you cannot get hydrogen for free; it can be made by electrically splitting (electrolyze) water to its basic components – hydrogen and oxygen. In a sense, a hydrogen-powered car runs on water. Unfortunately, the market has yet to see mass-produced hydrogen cars.

You may have noticed that almost all alternative fuels have a problem of their own. But with the undergoing development and constant research, it won’t be long before we see our vehicles running effectively from any of these alternative fuels.

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Be The “Envy” Of Your Neighborhood And Lower Your Fuel

Be The “Envy” Of Your Neighborhood And Lower Your Fuel

Have you heard about the ENV yet? It’s pronounced like “envy” and stands for Emissions Energy Vehicle.

After many years of testing, Intelligent Energy of London has developed a motorcycle-like vehicle that shows lots of promise. The ENV was introduced in early 2006 and has shown great promise by being embraced by the public.

The technology used in this vehicle is a fuel cell. For the technology-minded, it uses a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The cell converts hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity. In short, the fuel cell takes the protons and electrons from the hydrogen atom and this forms an electric current.

This electricity is then fed to a series of batteries which powers an electric motor. This gives the bike its power to run. The only noise emitted is from a cooling fan.

For the technology-minded, there is some fascinating usage of greatly available resources (hydrogen is the most abundant element). For many of us, though, all we are interested is: does it work?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes.

The motorcycle will top out at about 50 miles an hour. True, not freeway speeds, but not everyone has a need to travel at high speeds. And it will run for up to 100 miles or about four hours between fill-ups.

Now this is still a long way from giving many of us all the benefits of our gas-guzzlers. But, it’s a terrific start. After all, if this technology is available for a motorcycle, how far behind is the ability to power the SUV?

Another nice advantage to the ENV technology is the quiet operation. A nice quiet ride through the countryside can be just that: quiet. And, who’s going to miss the smelly emissions we get from our gas and diesel engines?

The cost for being the “envy” of your neighborhood? Intelligent Energy says that it will sell the bike for somewhere between ,000 and ,000 (US).

Maybe these high fuel costs are going to result in something positive after all.

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Hydrogen as Fuel for Motor Vehicles

Hydrogen as Fuel for Motor Vehicles

Hydrogen as fuel for motor vehicles, is this a great idea? As early as 1970s, plans for hydrogen powered vehicles have been in the works. Scientists and researchers believe that these cars can change the future. People know for a fact that there is great abundance of hydrogen and unlike fossil fuels, scarcity is not a problem. With regards to exhaust emissions, it cannot increase the presence of greenhouse gases here on Earth.

Environmentalists love the idea of hydrogen fuel and no one can really tell what will happen in the near future. However, according to some studies, improper production of hydrogen fuel can emit nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides can add to global warming since it causes acid rain. This can be prevented and minimized through appropriate engine timing as well as optimized hydrogen concentration.

Hydrogen cars can use the alternative fuel using two approaches. The first approach will be to use fuel cells and the other one is to modify the internal combustion engine of your car.

Hybrid cars can either use gasoline and hydrogen. Two tanks are found in the car; one for gas and the other for hydrogen. Dual tanks are recommended at present because hydrogen stations are uncommon. In the whole US alone, there are only over 100 hydrogen stations. With two tanks, you can refuel with gasoline and the car will still run. This is a practical way of conquering the road and at the same time, cutting down gas costs.

With the use of fuel cells, you can double the range run of your motor vehicle. You will simply use water and the hydrogen there will react with oxygen. Water vapor is produced as well as the needed electricity to power the motor vehicle.

The problem seen by experts when using hydrogen as fuel for motor vehicles is that it’s not actually an independent fuel. It basically stores energy. The power needed should be extracted from hydrogen and presently, the process involves the use of fossil fuels.

Storing hydrogen in the motor vehicle is also a great consideration. The hydrogen should always be in liquid form and to do this, the temperature should be maintained at 253 degrees Celsius. If the temperature gets warmer, hydrogen will soon be in gas form. Tremendous insulated tanks are needed as well as venting systems.

Only when the possible problems are solved can the world fully benefit from hydrogen powered vehicles. Aside from that, hydrogen stations should be increased so that the car owners can easily refuel when they ran out of hydrogen. Perhaps the hydrogen motor vehicles used at present are quite expensive but in the future, perhaps more affordable hydrogen powered vehicles will be offered to the pubic.

In fact, popular car manufacturers like General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc. are designing hydrogen powered motor vehicles that are priced similar to ordinary gas-consuming vehicles.

People can only hope that the so-called future cars will be a reality. If you want to experience using hydrogen as fuel, you can have your car converted. With dual tanks, you can save money and just in case you can’t find a hydrogen station, you can always refuel with gasoline.

Hydrogen as fuel for motor vehicles will definitely be a big hit in the coming years. For now, try to help save the environment with other means.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Cars of the Future

Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Cars of the Future

Last March 6-16, 2008, a auto convention was held inside Geneva Switzerland. Car fanatics are largely worried inside acquiring out the hottest information inside the engine globe. The car show revealed different auto concepts from common automobile producers all over the planet including which of Pininfarina’s Sintesi. The automobile was crafted to discover awesome tips plus potential solutions for future vehicles.

Man is free to take benefit of development plus this might be 1 method to develop modern inspirations which may further benefit mankind. The vehicle showcased inside the car show was crafted to disseminate intelligence. The sources are from numerous cross-media regarding safety plus traffic. The vehicle could constantly dialog with all the city, different cars, as well as the road without restraining the autonomy of motorists.

The outside appearance of the vehicle is synonymous to this of today’s sports vehicles yet the aerodynamic outdoor makes it a lot different. It has a special concept called ‘liquid packaging’. What caught the attention of the viewers are the 4 gas cells. The maker called it Quaddrivium Fuel Cells.

The hydrogen cells were placed close to the car’s wheels plus every wheel is then driven with 20kw. The auto also offers a distinctive electrical engine, extra power from regenerative breaking plus solar panels. The complicated electronic architecture utilizes modular energy that depends inside the driving condition. The dashboard is translucent plus it showcases different pieces of info.

The dashboard lights up whenever an significant matter needs the attention of the driver. The headlights of the future automobile are loaded with radar plus tele-cameras to ease info processing.

The shape of the vehicle is too much for the audience plus almost all of them nonetheless think it was undoubtedly a vehicle for the future. They can’t imagine a sophisticated vehicle like the Sintesi to roam the streets nowadays. But should you try to analyze it carefully, the whole vehicle concept was based about accessible technologies so it really is not impossible to employ the Sintesi now. If ever the different automakers will provide vehicles of the future which utilizes hydrogen cells, persons will anticipate safer streets plus greater traffic flow inside the coming years.

A great deal of motoring magazines covered the Sintesi, whether online or inside regional magazines. If Pininfarina may create a future car, then thus may additional automakers like General Motors plus BMW. In truth, information has it which these 2 vehicle producers are absolutely designing a automobile which utilizes hydrogen cells. BMW is currently testing hydrogen driven cars inside Germany plus General Motors will follow.

Perhaps, future vehicles usually shortly be roaming the streets of wealthy nations. Well naturally, the sophisticated vehicles can surely be quite pricey plus just the wealthy individuals could afford it. But, because the years pass as well as the manufacturing of these vehicles become stable, even the average people could afford it.

Then, you are able to only dream which we have a future auto. However that knows, maybe inside the close future these vehicles is available inside the marketplace absolutely. So begin saving revenue today thus which once the future vehicles are introduced for the public, you are able to afford to purchase 1.

Many years ago, future vehicles like the Sintesi was merely a dream which is truly difficult to reach. However today, it’s in arms reach.

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Hydrogen Fuel for Cars – With Byproducts

Hydrogen Fuel for Cars – Utilizing Byproducts

How various nations are today considering having a so-called hydrogen economy? Folks are aware which there is a fantastic have to discover a stable fresh source of power that is simultaneously, environment friendly. Hydrogen can, on the contrary, gas homes plus vehicles. But, producing usable hydrogen is a condition.

Many of the hydrogen found inside the Earth’s ambiance is not inside usable shape. Among the techniques utilized to make usable hydrogen accessible now are water electrolysis plus all-natural fuel steam reforming.

The 2 techniques are not enough to provide various homes plus vehicles with all the required alternative gas. Scientists plus scientists ought to be capable to come up with hot plus improved ways to meet the growing need for hydrogen gas inside the coming years. Currently, there are hydrogen renewable sources like ethanol, biomass, tidal vitality, wind farms, solar, plus hydroelectric power. Gravitational stamina is furthermore an experimental resource at when.

Scientists plus experts at this time are searching into the possibility of capturing hydrogen byproducts. Some processes provide off hydrogen because a byproduct because this might be 1 method to obtain it. Today’s technologies is equally using clean coal to make electricity. The procedure provides off hydrogen so it is grabbed plus available to hydrogen facilities because a commodity. There is fewer noxious fume emissions.

The byproduct inside the manufacturing of sodium chlorate is equally hydrogen. Bleaches plus pesticides want sodium chlorate plus this might signify a desirable amount hydrogen byproducts. Canada is currently utilizing hydrogen development as well as the hydrogen byproducts found inside the nation are enough to force 20,000 cars for a year. The Olympics about 2010 is held inside Canada as well as the country’s hydrogen development is showcased there.

Certain laboratories plus US departments are performing continuous research in regards to the employ of steam from nuclear reactors to make hydrogen from electrolysis. The steam is selected to cool the reactor plus then work electrolysis.

The move to hydrogen development is not which bad a issue. What the planet has today is modified plus merely upgraded to satisfy the demands for hydrogen inside the coming years. Perhaps with continuous analysis plus research, a greater method of producing hydrogen is noticed. With the joint efforts of many governments plus organizations, hydrogen economies is established. Everyone might benefit from hydrogen development plus not just which, it may additionally aid inside answering the ecological difficulties confronted by the globe now.

If you like to assist the nation as well as the complete planet, why not consider the utilization of a alternative gas like hydrogen? Your car is converted to utilize hydrogen gas. Experience the different feel of driving a hydrogen driven auto. We may definitely like it considering you are able to reduce the gasoline expenses.

This means, you are able to conserve the cash to purchase a genuine hydrogen powered automobile inside the future. So what are we waiting for? Get the car converted plus use hydrogen technologies. Save the world plus conserve the pocket.

Great chance to the scientists plus experts that are studying the hydrogen byproducts. Hopefully, fresh techniques of producing hydrogen is developed. This can indicate a stable source of hydrogen which is selected to fuel vehicles plus even homes.

For the wise of the several as well as the world, hydrogen gas is required.

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How to Increase the Fuel Mileage about a Semi Truck

How to Increase the Fuel Mileage about a Semi Truck

Can we imagine being happy with getting six to 8 miles per gallon inside a car? Many of you wouldn’t be impressed at all, particularly considering the expense of gas nowadays. Yet for pro semi truck motorists, striving for improved gas mileage is important. Getting six to 8 miles per gallon signifies the semi truck is working extremely effectively. Many of them just receive 4 miles per gallon, plus which should be changed considering the motorists are just throwing cash away.

Those that drive for a firm don’t worry too much regarding the expense of the gas or how various gallons they receive per mile considering they receive paid based found on the quantity of miles they drive. Owner providers pay surprisingly close attention to these figures considering they need to cover all fees of their own gas. In numerous situations this expense is because much because 40% of the gross earnings monthly.

There are certain factors which might affect the gas mileage inside a semi truck which we absolutely can’t control. They include the wind as well as the fat of the load you’re hauling. The expense of gas per gallon is equally anything which we won’t be capable to do much regarding. There are several techniques you are able to grow a gas mileage though which aren’t going to expense we a lot to apply.

Many semi pickups provide a thick drag inside purchase to pull a standard size trailer. These is modified to nevertheless provide enough energy yet without the fat. Many owner providers like to incorporate chrome plus good accessories to their semi truck. Avoid too much of it, specifically those pieces which are very thick because they can add fat plus grow the amount of gas a truck consumes.

The amount of air inside the wheels may affect the gas mileage also. They ought to be regularly checked to confirm they don’t have too much or not enough air. If you appear to have a tire with a continuous air leak inside it, have the tire repaired or substitute it.

The amount of air which is moving under the semi truck is significant too. Too much air signifies you may be fighting it because we drive down the road. There are specialized crafted pieces you are able to spot beneath a truck in addition to found on the rooftop of it inside purchase to cut the amount of resistance you may be driving against.

There are some crossbreed models of semi pickups available at the moment that provide a remarkable method to cut costs plus heighten gas mileage. Since they will run about solar energy throughout your day, truly the only gas which is consumed is whenever the power cells have run out or the sunlight has gone down. You are able to expect to find more crossbreed semi pickups found on the road inside the years ahead.

Consider the fat of the semi truck before we buy it considering it will affect the gas mileage. The heavier a truck is the more gas you’ll have to move it. Sure, having those accessories within the truck is good, however if you would like to create a good profit you ought to compromise. Be sure we have a lot of comfort because you’ll probably invest a lot of amount of time in a semi truck. However, you ought to always are getting among the high rates with regards to the gas mileage.

Incorporating these different kinds of techniques to grow the gas mileage inside a semi truck is crucial. Even improving it by 1 mile per gallon may greatly add up quick in the event you drive many 1000 miles monthly. The cost of gas continues to receive high plus high thus you ought to do all you are able to to keep overhead fees because low because potential.


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Hydrogen from Chocolate Waste – for Fuel?

Hydrogen from Chocolate Waste – for Fuel?

Energy issues are being confronted by virtually each nation now. One potential answer is hydrogen gas. However will hydrogen be absolutely selected for gas?

If persons like to utilize hydrogen for gas, then there is a have to create usable hydrogen plus 1 method to do which is from chocolate manufacturing.

Whenever hydrogen gas is reported, techies, scientists, plus even politicians appear to have a glassed look. Honestly talking, hydrogen is considered because the most wonderful gas. If combined with an oxygen molecule, electricity is yielded. Perhaps you’re absolutely aware which hydrogen makes up the biggest element of the ambiance. If it may be selected to create vitality, then pollution plus greenhouse gases is reduced. Does that sound superb or what?

But, 1 issue confronted by scientists plus scientists is the fact that almost all of the hydrogen found inside the ambiance is not usable. Oftentimes, hydrogen sticks to another element along with a good illustration is water (H2O). Great energy is needed when hydrogen is split from another element.

Honda is amidst the leaders inside the car industry plus currently, they are testing hydrogen driven cars found on the road. In the US, several families are experimenting with these cars. According to the test runs, the vehicles effectively function however, the leading condition is powering the vehicles. In purchase to provide the auto force, the families must take their vehicle to a specialized Honda center. The center has solar panels along with a tank of hydrogen. Currently, this set up would function however, what when millions of vehicles are absolutely utilizing hydrogen gas? Problems might definitely happen.

At present, solar energy is the many effective means of creating usable hydrogen though there continue to be different conversion techniques. As stated earlier, usable hydrogen will equally be built from chocolate manufacturing. This will sound funny to several in the UK, many scientists noticed this truth. In the production of chocolates, there are waste goods plus these wastes is employed to provide usable hydrogen.

The chocolate waste should be treated with a certain bacteria called ‘e coli’. The treatment might subsequently provide hydrogen. Further research continue to be being performed about the utilization of chocolate waste treatments to create usable hydrogen.

If in the future the task is proven very powerful, the chocolate factories are bound to play a important character inside producing hydrogen to be utilized because gas. This really is great information because more plus more folks are today aware of the perfect uses of hydrogen gas. Then, because there are a great deal of chocolate factories all over the world, it just signifies which more usable hydrogen is built. The next step is to teach chocolate factories how to treat the wastes from chocolate manufacturing with e coli.

The advanced development nowadays has greatly assisted inside performing complicated research specifically inside hydrogen manufacturing. With the joint efforts of private establishments plus numerous governments, the utilization of hydrogen for gas might become more common plus affordable.

Then, each family may aid inside keeping the world. With a great deal of difficulties surfacing due to excessive pollution plus greenhouse gases, the utilization of hydrogen for gas may be the greatest answer plus answer. Why not try utilizing hydrogen also?

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Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?

Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?

Many folks look to hydrogen gas cells because the answer to the stamina issues. The just condition, naturally, is creating usable hydrogen. Chocolate manufacturing is the answer.

Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?

Mention hydrogen because a gas source plus politicians, scientists plus techies receive which glassed over look inside their eyes. Just place, hydrogen is a best gas. It is combined with oxygen to provide electricity. Hydrogen is the many comment element about the world. Whenever selected because an vitality source, it produces no greenhouse gases or alternative pollutants. Sounds remarkable, proper?

There is merely 1 condition with all the idea of utilizing hydrogen because the answer to all the vitality difficulties. While hydrogen is the most commonly known element about the world, it really is seldom found inside a usable shape. Instead, hydrogen seems to cling to alternative ingredients including oxygen, that offers you H2O – water. The force needed to separate hydrogen from these additional ingredients is shockingly big.

In the United States, Honda has a quantity of hydrogen cars it happens to be testing found on the road through several families. The vehicles function perfectly. Powering them, nonetheless, is the condition. The families should take the vehicles to a particular station at a Honda center. There, they can discover a limited 100 feet of solar panels along with a hydrogen tank. It takes the program about 2 to 3 weeks to create enough usable hydrogen for 1 full tank for the auto. Given the truth there are millions of vehicles found on the road, you are able to see the condition. Yes, there are better techniques for conversion than solar energy, however nothing remotely effective enough to create enough usable hydrogen.

In a humorous turn, scientists inside the UK have noticed which hydrogen is yielded within the wastes of creating confectionaries including chocolate. The waste is treated with e coli bacteria. Yes, which e coli. The bacteria then procedure the food information plus produces fuel. Guess what type of fuel is yielded? Yes, hydrogen.

Could it be which chocolate may play a fundamental part inside a hydrogen gas future? Could you truly be which fortunate?

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Technology-Craft 3.0 – Ep. 16 – Circuits

Pipes in Minecraft? Solar panels? Dark matter? Nuclear reactors? What manner of sorcery is this?! Its the Tekkit pack, a series of some of the best mods compiled together for Minecraft. In this series, I try to show some of the things you can do with this amazing mod pack while trying not to blow myself up… at least not very often anyway. Episode 15: youtu.be Episode 17: youtu.be ———————————————————————————– Get minecraft: www.minecraft.net Tekkit pack: www.technicpack.net Texture Pack: full.sc Music by "Waterflame89" Intro Music: www.youtube.com Outro Music: www.youtube.com Thumbnail made by: www.youtube.com

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