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8974 Wind Power Generator Kit

Wind Power Generator Kit Learn more at:www.artec-educational.com Kit to make wind-power generator using plastic bottles. — Easy to turn and generate power with light wind — By attaching tail, you can see the direction of wind as it turns! — Propeller made of plastic bottle! Dimensions: (Motor part) Dia. 24 x 40 mm, (Other parts) MAX 54 x 32 x 25 Materials: (Motor) Plastic bottles not included Set contents Motor for power generation —1 Plastic bottle fixing cap —2 Support shaft —1 Main body cover —1 LED —1

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Home Made Energy.mp4


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solar parabolic forced air, solar light ovens

solar parabolic forced air, solar light ovens

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DIY Solar Panels – Cool Trick to Help You Break Fewer Solar Cells

DIY Solar Panels shysky.com Click link for our Guide to Cheap Solar Cells DIY solar panels are a great way to save money on your power bill and can be a fun project for you. However, breaking your cells when you try to solder them together can eat away at your savings, not to mention waste your time and effort. In this video, we show you how we built a "jig" or form that not only dramatically helps us reduce breaking the solar cells, it also helps make the stings of cells more uniform. It also helps us tab (solder) the solar cells together much quicker, which helps making DIY solar panels much faster, easier and cheaper. Try to notice the two grooves we cut in the bottom of the jig. These grooves are meant to be where they tabbing wired and solder go. This allows the tabbing wire to fit below the cells, while keeping the solar cells level. We found that the tabbing wire creates an uneven surface when you try to solder the cells together and when you press down with the soldering iron, the uneven surface created by the tabbing wire and solder caused the solar cells to break. Before you get started, take some time to create a similar jig to help you create a sort of "aseembly line" form to help you with your green energy project. And of course, both Brett and Kurt STRONGLY suggest using "pre tabbed" cells. Pre-tabbed solar cells will not only save you time and trouble, they will save you money in the long run by reducing your broken cells. Check out the link below. Weve <b>…<b>

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8679 Small Wind-Power Generator

Small Wind-Power Generator Learn more at:www.artec-educational.com Use wind from fan, or just blow on Small Wind-Power Generator to perform experiments. —Wind blowing on the propeller makes power generator rotate and light up LED Dimensions : 40 x 60 x 95 mm Materials : Main body Acrylic Propeller PE

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TORTURE TEST G-SHOCK | GR8900a-1 Tough Solar Frozen

Testing the G-shock Tough Solar GR8900a-1 by freezing it and then thawing it in a hot tube. Next time, I drop it from a plane. Music by Me

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Building a Small Wind Turbine part 1

An old 6 volt sealed led acid battery being charged by a 5 volt stepper motor. it generates 6 volts high current, 9 volts medium current or 12 volts low current, depending on the wind speeds. bridge rectifiers will convert the AC to DC. Capacitors will smooth the flow.

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Energy Matters Video News – Episode 72 – August 22, 2012

Virginia reports on Australias Renewable Energy Target under review, Australia leading the world in home solar installations in 2011, the solar powered toilet, coal costing Australians big bucks and NSW regional residents hit with 154% electricity price increases over the last 7 years.

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Zambia PV Esco project presentation

This video was put together in 2003 and is based on the experiences and results from the Zambia PV ESCO project. The film shows some of the benefits that can be recieved from solar Photovoltaic technology, it also describes the approach with energy service companies in the rural areas. It should be noted that the situation has changed since the film was done. Today solar technology is much more wide spread for example. Please note that some of the contact details can be obsolete. I wrote my PhD based on experiences from this project. The thesis is called "Solar energy for a brighter life" (search google within citation and download it for free)

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Waka Waka Solar Lamp Review

Waka Waka Solar Lamp Review Sponsor By: wakawakalight.com ________________________________________________________________ Thanks For Watching!! Follow me on Twitter!!: www.twitter.comvince11211 Follow me on Instagram!!: @Dosanity08 Add me on GameCenter!!: @vince11211

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