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The history and technology of hybrid cars: The past and the future

The history and technology of hybrid cars: The past and the future

Most people love their cars to the extreme, but with the constant skyrocketing of gasoline prices, a lot of people are pressed to think of alternatives. For those who want to cut back on fuel money, they may consider buying hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars are a combination of the features of gasoline-powered vehicles and electric cars. The advantage that hybrid cars hold over conventional cars is that they produce fewer emissions and adds considerable mileage.

But first, where did these cars came from and how are they made?

The very first electric vehicle was created by Robert Anderson from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1839. Later in 1870, Sir David Salomon came up with a vehicle equipped with a lightweight electric motor, along with storage batteries that were much too heavy. Predictably, the speed and the range of the car were not so desirable.

Over the years, several automobile manufacturers such as General Motors have improved on the concept of the electric cars, which later evolved into the hybrids that we know today. The most popular of these hybrids are the Insight from Honda and the Prius from Toyota.

These two exceptional vehicles can be used to explain the intricate and sophisticated technology of hybrid cars.

1. Honda Insight

The Insight runs on a system called “Integrated Motor Assist,” a term coined by Honda to describe its electric motor attached to the engine at the position usually occupied by the flywheel. This model has two kinds of transmission, the regular, manual transmission and the automatic one.

The advantages of the electric motor on the Insight are the following:

-It can support the gasoline engine by giving off additional power while the vehicle is climbing up or going down a hill.

-The motor can start the engine by itself without the aid of a starter.

-Captures energy while on the process of braking.

The Insight relies on three main areas for efficiency:

-It makes use of lightweight aluminum for its body to reduce the total weight of the vehicle.

-Utilizes a small engine which operates efficiently, which weighs around 124 pounds only.

-It makes use of advanced aerodynamics. The teardrop shape of the car has a lot to do with its performance.

2. Toyota Prius

The Prius utilizes the power split device, an ingenious gearbox that connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor and generator. This allows the car to function like both parallel and series hybrids. The car does not need a starter also, because the device can make the generator start the engine.

Since the vehicle is on planetary gear set, the speed of the electric motor combined with the ring gear spin decides how fast the car will run.

These cars does not require their batteries to be recharged, because the generator located onboard the vehicles monitors the right amount of energy in the batteries.

Both Toyota and Honda allot long warranties for their hybrid models. Both the Insight and the Prius are on eight-year warranties, and their batteries and motors usually do not need maintenance over the duration of the vehicle.

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Hybrid Electric Car: A Promising Technology for a Promising Future for the Environment

Hybrid Electric Car: A Promising Technology for a Promising Future for the Environment

A hybrid-electric vehicle, or HEV, combines an electrical energy storage system with an occupied means of generating electrical energy, usually through the consumption of some type of fuel. Each type of HEV has its own operating quality and chosen design practices, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

The development of interior ignition engine vehicles, especially in automobiles, is one of the supreme achievements of modern technology as a new rising energy saving and environment -friendly vehicle, that’s why the hybrid-electric vehicles were created to give convenience to every human.

In the process of creating the hybrid electric car, the most important is the energy saving and the environmental protection. Wherein nowadays this are the common problems faced by the society.

Having the hybrid-electric car evolved from the electric car. However, the main disadvantage of the electric car is that it is mainly dependent on the batteries. Therefore, has limited range.

First of all, the hybrid electric car was supposed to be an electric vehicle with batteries for power storage and is also equipped with an on-board heat engine-powered generator. This means that this type of hybrid has an extended range.

The heat engine power and the battery power are specifically intended as an important scheme that constantly modulates the excess between the heat engine and the battery power systems. This will also depend on the driving schedule.

Since the beginning of the use of automobiles, electric cars have been already recognized and conceptualized. Even though the electric power train is better in various aspects, as an energy source, the battery was unequal to the superior-energy content, easiness in terms of the handling, and inexpensive and profuse supplies of motor fuel.

Now, it has almost been a century since the electric car has been popularly discussed, but recent developments in the HEV technology and the growing concerns for the environment has revived the drive for an HEV and this has become a realization today.

We can consider the personal means of transportation as a very important bond in the economic chain of today’s modern societies and that a private vehicle appears to be the popular choice.

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than the contemporary vehicles wherein the electric vehicles operates at approximately 46 percent of effectiveness, while a contemporary vehicle operates at about 18 percent only.

There are studies that generally concludes that electric cars with batteries are approximately 10 to 30 percent more efficient with energy than the usual gasoline cars, depending on the exact assumptions of the vehicles energy usage and energy chain efficiency.

Certainly, the comparisons of the electric vehicles and the conventional vehicles are comparisons between an extremely developed power system that is nearly in the end of its research and development, and the innovative power system in the beginning stages of the development wherein important development can be expected as the new technology evolves.

Furthermore, the advantages of electric powered modes of transportation extends beyond the true outlook of economizing energy. Electric generation plants can use substitute fuels that are not adaptable to portable power systems.

Electric vehicles are the definitive alternative fuel vehicles because their power is taken from the source fuels utilized to produce electricity. Aside from that, the flexibility of the fuel alone can offer important useful and economic advantages especially in relation to a variety of energy resources.

The electric car is truly a promising technology that could transform one’s means of transportation into a far more environmentally type of commodity. Through this innovation emission controls become more important, effective and economically beneficial.

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BMW Hybrid Car: German Engineering Brilliance plus Elegance fitted with Revolutionary Hybrid Technology, A mixture of Style plus Performance

BMW Hybrid Car: German Engineering Brilliance plus Elegance fitted with Revolutionary Hybrid Technology, A mixture of Style plus Performance

Joining the quantity of Car producers which have been worried for the growing need for environment friendly vehicles, German auto production giant BMW has announced which they too might shortly be producing plus marketing Hybrid vehicles. Within the upcoming 4 years, BMW is providing its own adaptation of the incredible plus prevalent crossbreed auto.

Knowing the countless innovations plus good properties BMW has added to the engine planet, you is certain which this will be another automotive technology breakthrough which might set the par others might follow.

BMW mentioned which their Hybrid automobile might run about both Hydrogen plus petroleum plus this will be initially infused inside the 7 series BMW. Already, BMW has a few of these vehicles test driven inside different nations. Researchers plus technicians are absolutely staging certain tests plus are getting feedbacks to perfect their initial crossbreed auto launch. BMW doesn’t like to release only a gorgeous lookin auto, they wish 1 which is really environment friendly in addition to operating wonderfully.

Deviating within the normal gas cells utilized by alternative crossbreed automobile producers, BMW decided about utilizing hydrogen-fuel combined with an internal combustion engine. This led to more analysis plus development required as a result of the need of the engine to keep the hydrogen inside fluid shape, plus this poses because a condition inside keeping them cold enough to do only which. If the engine becomes too hot, the hydrogen might evaporate requiring frequent fill ups. Another quandary is keeping the hydrogen from evaporating whilst inside transit to the engine. However BMW has mentioned it has found the answer for this condition.

BMW sees hydrogen because the answer, nevertheless it might take about 2 more years before a automobile may really be run by hydrogen just. However they are positive which this really is quite achievable.

BMW claims which for the previous thirty years, they have been developing technologies which can only cause the initial ever pure hydrogen car. They absolutely have a vehicle which has been driven by water, a automobile which produces water vapor at the tailpipe, plus are to retrieve hydrogen from sunshine.

BMW has been concentrating about Hydrogen because a excellent energy source for vehicles considering it really is the number one answer to the ever-worsening emissions from cars which contributes to ecological pollution. This really is considering hydrogen doesn’t have hazardous emissions, it poses no damage to the ambiance, it doesn’t deplete all-natural resources, because it may be take from many recyclable sources. This really is BMW’s answer, powering cars with hydrogen yielded from water by the utilization of solar vitality. This advancement inside development is obvious with all the BMW 750hl creation automobile showcased at the Expo 2000. Together with a few of its couples, BMW can be behind inside the mass creation of Hybrid vehicles, even so they are the forefront inside Hybrid development.

Soon enough, we are going to all become the beneficiaries of all these developments plus innovations. Not only usually you capable to conserve up about fuel cash, we’ll additionally be saving the environment. Owning a Hybrid automobile doesn’t need to signify riding inside cramped vehicles with low engine energy. With the unveiling of the BMW crossbreed automobile inside the close future, we receive sophistication, force, elegance plus fashion when assisting clean up the air.

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Alternative Energy And The Want For A Proper Storage Technology

Alternative Energy And The Want For A Proper Storage Technology

A quantity of vitality storage technologies have been developed or are below development for electrical energy applications, including:

* Pumped hydropower
* Compressed air power storage (CAES)
* Batteries
* Flywheels
* Superconducting magnetic vitality storage (SMES)
* Super-capacitors

This really is the future which you could securely expect, incredibly whenever there is a fast depletion of additional power resources. Needless to say, the most crucial vitality resource nonetheless remains the sunlight from where you may obtain solar energy plus fulfill different vitality plus energy specifications. Off late, many businesses have started to build mono-crystalline plus polycrystalline solar cells, that is employed inside many fields like aerospace, the aviation industry, residential force generation, traffic lights, cars etc. Solar vitality aside from different renewable energies has been looked at because among the key regions considering it is very a clean stamina source.

Pumped Hydro
Pumped hydro has been used because 1929, creating it the oldest of the central station stamina storage technologies. In truth, till 1970 it was truly the only commercially accessible storage choice for generation applications.

Conventional pumped hydro facilities comprise of 2 big reservoirs, 1 is positioned at base level, as well as the alternative is located at a different elevation. Water is pumped to the upper reservoir where it may be stored because possible vitality. Upon need, water is introduced into the lower reservoir, passing from hydraulic turbines, that generate power because excellent because 1,000 MW.

The barriers to improved utilize of the storage development inside the U.S. include excellent construction bills plus lengthy lead instances plus the geographical, geologic, plus ecological constraints associated with reservoir shape. Currently, efforts aimed at improving the utilization of pumped hydro storage are focused found on the development of underground facilities.

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
CAES vegetation employ off-peak power to compress plus shop air inside an airtight underground storage cavern. Upon need, stored air is introduced within the cavern, heated, plus extended from the combustion turbine to create electric vitality.

In 1991, the initially U.S. CAES center was integrated McIntosh, Alabama, by the Alabama Electric Cooperative plus EPRI, plus has a ability rating of 110 MW. Currently, producers may create CAES machinery for facilities ranging from 5 to 350 MW. EPRI has estimated which over 85% of the U.S. has geological characteristics which usually accommodate an underground CAES reservoir.

Studies have concluded which CAES is competitive with combustion turbines plus combined-cycle units, even without attributing a few of the specific advantages of power storage.

In latest years, much of the focus inside the development of electrical power storage development has been focused about power storage equipment. There is currently a broad range of batteries accessible commercially plus more inside the shape stage.

In a chemical power, charging causes responses inside electrochemical compounds to shop power from a generator inside a chemical shape. Upon need, reverse chemical responses cause electricity to flow from the power plus back to the grid.

The initially commercially accessible power was the inundated lead-acid power, that was utilized for fixed, centralized applications. The valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) power is the newest commercially accessible choice. The VRLA power is low-maintenance, spill- plus leak-proof, plus reasonably compact.

Flywheels are being utilized for a amount of non-utility connected applications. Recently, still, scientists have started to explore utility stamina storage applications. A flywheel storage device consists of the flywheel which spins at a high velocity plus an integrated electric apparatus which could work either because a engine to turn the flywheel plus shop power or because a generator to provide power about need utilizing the stamina stored inside the flywheel.

Advanced Electrochemical Capacitors/Super-Capacitors
Super-capacitors are sometimes known because ultra-capacitors are inside the earliest stages of development because an stamina storage technologies for electrical utility applications. An electrochemical capacitor has components connected to both a power along with a capacitor.

Consequently, mobile voltage is limited to a some volts. Especially, the charge is stored by ions because inside a power. However, because inside a traditional capacitor, no chemical response occurs inside vitality delivery. An electrochemical capacitor consists of 2 oppositely charged electrodes, a separator, electrolyte, plus present collectors.

Currently, surprisingly little super-capacitors inside the range of 7 to 10 watts are commonly accessible commercially for customer energy standard applications plus are commonly found inside home electric equipment. Development of larger-scale capacitors has been focused about electrical cars.

The future is anything which you can’t predict however, yes, because time passes, nearly all of the active vitality sources may reach a point from where we are going to not be capable to employ them. This really is where alternative power sources come into play plus is among the main driving forces of the globe vitality needs.

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Home Improvement – New Solar Technology

Home Improvement – New Solar Technology

Solar panel systems have usually been criticized because bulky plus unattractive. New solar development is beginning to create these criticisms a thing of the past.

Solar Advancement

While everyone agrees solar vitality is a clean, affordable vitality source, there has constantly been 1 condition. The solar panel systems tended to be big plus quite bulky. Frankly, they don’t add to the beauty of the house. While solar panel designs have improved over time, a fresh development involving shingles is getting a great deal of attention.

Photovoltaic shingles are a main shape breakthrough for those that have a distaste for big solar panel systems. These shingles are, perfectly, shingles. The substitute the shingles about a rooftop, yet have the bodily appearance of the normal rooftop. Although they are black, they are doing not standout within the rooftop inside the way of panels. Instead, the they just resemble a normal rooftop plus people cannot tell the difference. Obviously, this seamless shape is a lot much better than the bulky designs of panel systems.

The technological breakthrough which makes this new technologies potential is the innovation of thin movie photovoltaic cells. Known because “amorphous silicon thin alloy technology”, the designers really stepped back from conventional solar panel designs plus did certain thinking. What they realized is the contents employed inside panels were not truly the only ones which can be employed. Without getting overly technical, the shape team came up with a answer where better cells may be built about a steel substrate. Each super thin mobile was designed to capture different spectrums of the sunshine. Whenever layered over every additional, they became very effective at producing energy.

The ultimate happen is a program which may sit straight found on the rooftop of the house or building, is a bit more effective than usual solar panels plus more appealing from a graphic attitude. If you’re reason for not utilizing solar inside the past was the bulky program, you ought to rethink solar.

Will this new technologies become the breakthrough you have been waiting for inside solar energy? It absolutely is in the event you consider really the following:

1. The United States Army is building a solar driven community utilizing it.

2. Museums inside Beijing, China are converting with it.

3. Habitat for Humanity is utilizing the program about most homes it builds.

4. Lockheed Martin is experimenting with all the technologies because a force source for significant altitude flights.

In the opinion of numerous specialists, this fresh development represent a main breakthrough inside solar stamina. With power costs exploding, solar represents the number one answer to decreasing the dependence about limited oil plus all-natural fuel resources. Fortunately, the sunlight is providing free force for the foreseeable future.

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Technology-Craft 3.0 – Ep. 16 – Circuits

Pipes in Minecraft? Solar panels? Dark matter? Nuclear reactors? What manner of sorcery is this?! Its the Tekkit pack, a series of some of the best mods compiled together for Minecraft. In this series, I try to show some of the things you can do with this amazing mod pack while trying not to blow myself up… at least not very often anyway. Episode 15: youtu.be Episode 17: youtu.be ———————————————————————————– Get minecraft: www.minecraft.net Tekkit pack: www.technicpack.net Texture Pack: full.sc Music by "Waterflame89" Intro Music: www.youtube.com Outro Music: www.youtube.com Thumbnail made by: www.youtube.com

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Home Made Energy.mp4


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Technology-Craft 3.0 – Ep. 16 – Circuits

Pipes in Minecraft? Solar panels? Dark matter? Nuclear reactors? What manner of sorcery is this?! Its the Tekkit pack, a series of some of the best mods compiled together for Minecraft. In this series, I try to show some of the things you can do with this amazing mod pack while trying not to blow myself up… at least not very often anyway. Episode 15: youtu.be Episode 17: youtu.be ———————————————————————————– Get minecraft: www.minecraft.net Tekkit pack: www.technicpack.net Texture Pack: full.sc Music by "Waterflame89" Intro Music: www.youtube.com Outro Music: www.youtube.com Thumbnail made by: www.youtube.com

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Missouri General Raider 1600 watt wind turbine knock off by thermodyne systems qaz661 Ebay scam

For the REAL Missouri General and Raider 1600 watt wind turbine manufactured by Missouri Wind and Solar heres Missouri Wind And Solar website www.mwands.com You can also find us on Ebay at http Our facebook page www.facebook.com Read this article by Paul Gipe first on Ron Graefe aka Bob Green ,Thermodyne www.wind-works.org If you have purchased one of the so called used Missouri General or Raider 1600 watt wind turbines from the seller qaz661 Thermodyne systems on Ebay contact me. jeff@mwands.com or raptor417 on Ebay . Ron Graefe the owner of Thermodyne systems and Hydrogen Appliances is no less than a thief. Hes a California company thats as low as dirt as far as i am concerned. Using my name Missouri Wind and Solar to sell cheap, junk copies of our wind turbines is something that Ron Graefe has no problem doing. His business is on the brink of failure and he needs desperately to use a good companies name to survive. This scam of thermodyne will end. How can he steal from customers and get away with it ? He goes by teomeimf on YouTube.

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Solar Tilt 2

Brisbane Solar panels reduces power bills in the long run and in addition leads to a greener environment. This solar technology provides an alternative energy that addresses the daily needs on the planet in the safer way. If you are interested to have one, visit our website… www.solartilt.com.au

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