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Harvesting A Natural Resource: Wind Power

Harvesting A Natural Resource: Wind Power

In today’s economy, with America’s increasing consumption of electricity and natural resources, the possibility of an inexpensive, renewable and reliable energy source is seen by consumers as a breath of fresh air. That’s where wind energy comes in.

According to the Department of Energy, modern wind turbines can convert winds in most U.S. states and coastal waters into reliable, clean electricity. While wind today provides only a small percentage of our national electricity needs, it is an immense homeland energy resource and is the fastest-growing energy supply technology.

The United States has an abundance of potentially viable wind resources-onshore and offshore-estimated at over 2,000 gigawatts (GW). To put this into perspective, 350 GW of installed wind capacity would represent about 20 percent of our nation’s current electricity demand. This is similar to the level of electricity produced from the nation’s nuclear or natural gas-fired generation today.

Today, the nation’s “wind farms” generate over 9,000 megawatts of electricity-enough electricity to serve more than two million households. Smaller wind systems are being used to generate on-site power and provide additional power to local utilities, and the market is expanding at over 20 percent annually. However, wind power represents more than just competitive electricity. It offers:

• rural economic benefits from project development;

• a hedge against volatile natural gas prices and planned use of imported liquid natural gas;

• cost-effective clean air compliance option for businesses and communities;

• strong potential partner for other domestic power industries including coal and nuclear; and

• a renewable option for producing hydrogen for transportation fuels.

Wind energy is a homegrown energy source that contributes to national security by reducing America’s dependence on oil and natural gas-most of which are imported from other countries. In addition, unlike most other electricity sources, wind turbines don’t consume water. For instance, irrigation and thermal electric generation use 77 percent of all fresh water in the U.S.; wind turbines, on the other hand, don’t use water at all. That makes wind energy a great choice for drought-stricken communities in rural America.

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Wind Power as a Viable Solution to Meeting Alternative Energy Needs

Wind Power as a Viable Solution to Meeting Alternative Energy Needs

Although it is much less expensive to initially get hooked into the local electric company’s grid than it is to set up and hook into wind turbines, in the long run one saves money by utilizing the wind for one’s energy needs—while also becoming more independent. Not receiving an electric bill while enjoying the advantages of the modern electrically-driven lifestyle is a wondrous feeling.

Electric bills and fuel bills are rising steadily—but the cost of wind turbine energy is zero, and the cost of installing and hooking up a turbine is steadily coming down as demand rises and more commercial success is realized by various companies producing the turbines and researching technologies to make them ever more efficient. In addition, people are moving away from the traditional electric grids and the fossil fuels for personal reasons including desire for greater independence, the desire to live remotely or rurally without having to “go primitive”, political concerns such as fears of terrorist strikes on oil fields or power grids, or concerns about the environment. Again, this motivation to get away from the traditional energy sources is the same one that causes people to seek the power of the wind for their energy, giving more business opportunities to profit from wind turbine production and maintenance, which drives their costs down for the consumers. In nearly thirty states at the time of this writing, homeowners who remain on the grid but who still choose to use wind energy (or other alternative forms) are eligible for rebates or tax breaks from the state governments that end up paying for as much as 50% of their total “green” energy systems’ costs. In addition, there are 35 states at the time of this writing where these homeowners are allowed to sell their excess energy back to the power company under what are called “net metering laws”. The rates that they are being paid by the local power companies for this energy are standard retail rates—in other words, the homeowners are actually profiting from their own energy production.

Some federal lawmakers are pushing to get the federal government to mandate these tax breaks and other wind power incentives in all 50 states. Japan and Germany already have national incentive programs in place. However, “A lot of this is handled regionally by state law. There wouldn’t really be a role for the federal government,” the Energy Department’s Craig Stevens says. And as might be imagined, there are power companies who feel that it’s unfair that they should have to pay retail rates to private individuals. “We should [only have to] pay you the wholesale rate for … your electricity,” according to Bruce Bowen, Pacific Gas & Electric’s director of regulatory policy. However, the companies seem to be more worried about losing short term profits than about the benefits, especially in the long run, of the increased use of wind turbines or wind farms. Head of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies of California V. John White points out, “It’s quality power that strengthens the grid.”

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Power4Home – Solar and Wind Energy Solution

Power4Home – Solar and Wind Energy Solution

Different systems for generation of power by wind and solar heat have been available for purchase in the market for many years. There are no problems with the functioning of these systems but they will cost you a fortune and because of this reason alternate energy is not used widely in homes.

Here is where Power4Home is different from other products. With Power4Home you can put together a complete system for less than 0 and start generating your own power from it. This program is designed by John Russell who is an electrician by profession. Using his experience in the electric related industry, he has tried to make a system that would allow you to make your own energy with minimum amount of equipment and investment. He says that with his system he can teach you everything you need to know about generating your own electricity using wind and solar power. There is a 60 Days full money back guarantee if you do not like John Russel’s e-book.

The Power4Home system includes illustrated manuals that are not difficult to follow. There are also video instructions that you can follow. With this system you learn about 2 alternate renewable energy options: a DIY solar panel and a home windmill generator. After learning both you will be in a better position to decide which option is the best for you and is best according to the climate of where you are living. If you live in an area where there is sufficient sunlight then a solar panel is the better option and if your place has the right conditions for wind energy to work then you can go with the windmill option.

Using his experience he tells you about two devices that you can get from your electric company that normally cost 300$ and also gives information about a secret device that can cut your bill by another 40%.

Like other systems that are do it yourself (DIY), Power4Home will require a lot of your time and effort on you part. It’s understood that you have to be good with hand tools and wiring works. If you think you can follow the instructions given by John and build it yourself then fine otherwise you should outsource the work to a professional.

Power4Home is a system that allows you to create and store you own energy. This energy can be used to reduce your power bills. Solar and wind power systems normally cost ,000 or more and even at that price they pay themselves off within a few years. The Power4Home system allows you to do the same for a fraction of that price.

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Homemade Mini Wind Generator Free Energy Generator Mini Wind Turbine DIY Electricity

Homemade Mini Wind Generator Free Energy Generator Mini Wind Turbine DIY Free Electricity.

Como generar ELECTRICIDAD CASERA con un sencillo invento. Solo necesitas una regleta o alargador y el pulsador de un mechero. El método mas simple de consegu…
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Wind Turbine Generators – Free energy from mom nature. Maybe you might install it now

Wind Turbine Generators – Free force from mom nature. Maybe you can install it today

Wind generators are the most reliable types of alternative force sources found on the world. These are generally made to manufacture energy by modifying the kinetic vitality of the wind into mechanical vitality, that is then either harnessed straight (inside the case of windmills, for illustration, that were employed to change wheat into flour, or to pump water for farming) or combined to a generator which creates a DC output which is selected inside a more general sense. In this particular article I is speaking regarding the kind of wind generators which provide electrical stamina, because this really is more valuable to you inside the daily lives.

Wind turbines are basically big windmills, with gigantic blades which turn inside the wind plus provide energy within the conversion of the winds force. Wind turbines are produced from plastic, aluminium, steel plus many additional room age metals.

Wind turbines have a some bad impacts found on the environment. These are generally really noticeable, plus very unsightly because they should be submit proximity to windy, open terrain to be valuable – tries to find them off the coastline have been met with perfect achievement. They require a lot of power inside their manufacture, power that is usually fossil-based, plus consequently it may take a considerable amount of time before they are positive inside terms of total carbon emissions – this time is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Wind turbines are connected to the mauling of uncommon varieties of birds which is mutilated because they pass from the turbine fans throughout migratory passages.

With the downsides apart, wind turbines ought to be a choice whenever speaking regarding a wide program for renewable vitality. Once erected, wind turbines are amazingly effective inside a greater sense – they generate force from a all-natural, eco-friendly renewable resource, without the hidden social or ecological penalties which you incur with all the utilize of fossil fuels – theres no have to mine for gas or to transport it – there are no international warming pollutants built, plus no should shop, procedure, or to dispose of poisonous wastes.

At the little side of the scale, turbines is because tiny because 5 feet inside diameter plus are capable of just a limited 100 watts. On the top quality of the spectrum, turbines is because big because 3 100 feet inside diameter plus are capable of generating 2 to five megawatts of energy.

Similar to photovoltaic solar energy generation, there may be rebates accessible for construction, plus extra stamina is available back to the energy firm.

Wind velocity is affected by topography plus increases with height above the ground, thus wind turbines are installed over big towers. In a typical application, the wind turbine sits over a tall tower plus generates low voltage DC that is utilized to charge a power shop – this stored possible stamina is eventually used by routing it by an inverter which changes the low voltage direct active force into utility voltage alternating active electricity which is utilized inside home applications. By focusing plenty of turbines into wind farms a significant amount of electricity is stored plus used, maybe for a entire city or town.

Because the wind doesnt blow the amount of time in countless regions, wind turbines are utilized because adjuncts inside crossbreed designs with different technologies like photovoltaic panels, plus diesel generators to give a consistent source of electricity.

Dissimilar to fossil-fuel stations, wind turbines are clean plus green – they dont create the carbon dioxide emissions which are causing greenhouse gases or the SO2 emissions which cause acid rainfall.

Todays turbines are split into 2 categories, namely horizontal turbines plus vertica turbines. Todays horizontal axis wind turbines are really better at capturing the wind than vertical axis turbines provided the same amount of swept location (that is the diameter of the round traced by the outside tip of the rotor blades).

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8974 Wind Power Generator Kit

Wind Power Generator Kit Learn more at:www.artec-educational.com Kit to make wind-power generator using plastic bottles. — Easy to turn and generate power with light wind — By attaching tail, you can see the direction of wind as it turns! — Propeller made of plastic bottle! Dimensions: (Motor part) Dia. 24 x 40 mm, (Other parts) MAX 54 x 32 x 25 Materials: (Motor) Plastic bottles not included Set contents Motor for power generation —1 Plastic bottle fixing cap —2 Support shaft —1 Main body cover —1 LED —1

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Missouri General Raider 1600 watt wind turbine knock off by thermodyne systems qaz661 Ebay scam

For the REAL Missouri General and Raider 1600 watt wind turbine manufactured by Missouri Wind and Solar heres Missouri Wind And Solar website www.mwands.com You can also find us on Ebay at http Our facebook page www.facebook.com Read this article by Paul Gipe first on Ron Graefe aka Bob Green ,Thermodyne www.wind-works.org If you have purchased one of the so called used Missouri General or Raider 1600 watt wind turbines from the seller qaz661 Thermodyne systems on Ebay contact me. jeff@mwands.com or raptor417 on Ebay . Ron Graefe the owner of Thermodyne systems and Hydrogen Appliances is no less than a thief. Hes a California company thats as low as dirt as far as i am concerned. Using my name Missouri Wind and Solar to sell cheap, junk copies of our wind turbines is something that Ron Graefe has no problem doing. His business is on the brink of failure and he needs desperately to use a good companies name to survive. This scam of thermodyne will end. How can he steal from customers and get away with it ? He goes by teomeimf on YouTube.

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Building a Small Wind Turbine part 1

An old 6 volt sealed led acid battery being charged by a 5 volt stepper motor. it generates 6 volts high current, 9 volts medium current or 12 volts low current, depending on the wind speeds. bridge rectifiers will convert the AC to DC. Capacitors will smooth the flow.

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European Power Generation Strategy Summit 2012 Introductory Video

As Europes most exclusive strategic forum for the power utilities industry, the EPG summit annually focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing power portfolio management. Examining the inter-play between the technological, regulatory and economic trends affecting the development of conventional and renewable power, delegates will gain valuable intelligence on how to proceed with the development of their own assets.

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Korean Firm To Invest In Wind Power Generation – TBC – 15 August 2012

Investors from the Korean Republic, Unisuns Company Limited have completed wind power installations which aim to generate 750 megawatts of electricity. The aim is to help curb the problem of electricity shortages. The Minister for Industry and Trade Dr. Abdallah Kigoda has paid a visit to the industry in Korea during Expo 2012 — Korea Business Forum where he was told that the plant will arrive in the country before 2013 and will be located in Kigamboni area.

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